How was your GenoPalate Analysis personalized to you?

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Let's talk about how your GenoPalate Analysis was personalized to you. But first, let's talk about genetics as a whole. 

There are factors that influence our genetics such as our hair color, eye color, or how tall we are. There are also things that aren't quite as obvious, such as how we metabolize different nutrients. 

At GenoPalate, we look at many different genes related to nutrition. We start with research studies that correlate different nutritional needs with different genetic variants. 

We then compare your specific genetic variants with these research studies to see what makes you different and what nutrients may you potentially need more of or less of, what substances might you metabolize slowly or faster than average, and whether or not you may be sensitive to gluten or lactose . 

By analyzing your individual genetic variants, we're able to produce your genetic-based recommendation. 

To do this, we identify your unique genetic variants and determine your recommended intake for each nutrient. Then we compare those nutrient recommendations to our extensive food database to give you a list of personalized foods that are just yours. 

They are unique to you because they take into account all of your genetics-based nutrient  recommendations for your macros, your micros, and sensitivities and substances. 

For example, if your genetics indicate you could benefit from a higher fiber and vitamin A intake, foods higher in fiber and vitamin A rise to the top of your list. 

We take things one step farther by letting you help personalize your results. You can take a look at the food filter button on your My Foods page to adjust for certain things such as allergies or preferences. 

We encourage you to explore your GenoPalate Analysis and really dive into the details of your genetic variants to see what micronutrients what macronutrients you may need slightly more of slightly less of and what health benefits are associated with your genetic profile. 

Even small changes make a difference when it comes to our overall health and how we feel. More information about each gene can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of each nutrient page. Make sure to click into them to learn more about what they mean for you. We hope you enjoy exploring your analysis and how personalized it is to you on that genetic level.