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Personalized dietitian virtual coaching guided by your DNA

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What To Expect From Your Personalized Consultation

Assess Your Current Diet

Our dietitians will first assess your current diet to determine your nutrient intake, food preferences, and any dietary restrictions you may have.

Setting Achievable Goals

Based on your assessment, our dietitians will help you set realistic goals that fit into your lifestyle and are achievable for you.

Education And Support 

Our dietitians will provide you with education and support to help you make healthy food choices, understand food labels, and navigate social situations that may impact your diet.

"Frankie was a great help in understanding my GenoPalate results. There is a lot of great information in them and it's fun to see and learn about which foods are genetically best for you! The review session was awesome!"

Tom | New Jersey | Age 54

We’ve Helped GenoPalate Members With

Weight Management

Cholesterol & Heart Health

Performance Nutrition

Increasing Energy Levels

Healthy Habit Building

Stress & Emotional Eating

Healthy Aging

Optimizing Vitamin Regimen

We’re Here, No Matter Where You Are
With our virtual consultations, you’ll gain exclusive access to our HIPPA compliant dietitian app, Healthie, which makes working with our team of dietitians simple. It’s also loaded with helpful tools like food logging, weight tracking, and goal setting to help you stay on track.  

Best of all, you’ll have 24/7 access to our nutrition team through the secure chat feature. Have a question about what protein powder is best or about a nutrition label while grocery shopping? Send us a message, we're here to help.

Take The Next Step In Your Health Journey

Begin working with a registered dietitian today for a healthier tomorrow.

Not yet a GenoPalate member? Get your DNA Analysis →

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like working with a dietitian?
When working with a dietitian you get to set the pace! We are not the food police, but rather a helpful and trusted source of information to help guide your decisions. At the end of the day, you still have full autonomy so the role of the dietitian is to provide you with the tools to help you make the most informed decisions that you can feel confident with! 

In a 1-1 session with a GenoPalate dietitian, you are able to review your genetic results, come up with actionable steps to use your recommendations, integrate any health goals you have, or find opportunities to make tweaks to your diet to help better your health.

You can also discuss your hydration needs, movement goals, and stress management. Some other topics you can discuss are meal planning, mindful eating, balancing meals, and snacking. 
What health conditions and goals can you help with?
A dietitian can help with goals such as weight management, improving metabolic health, enhancing heart health, boosting energy levels, and optimizing sports performance.
Who is a good fit for a 1-1 consultation?
A one-on-one consultation with a registered dietitian is ideal for customers who are motivated to make a change, seek strategic implementation of their genetic results, aim to improve their health and wellbeing, and desire additional guidance in their health journey.
I have questions, who can I speak to?
We are always here to help answer any questions you may have. You can reach our support team by navigating to our Contact Us page.
Do you take insurance?
We do not accept insurance at this time for our dietitian consultations. 

GenoPalate Registered Dietitians are excited to help you reach your goals. As a reminder, they are not part of your healthcare team, and all medical questions or concerns should be directed to your healthcare providers. Additionally, in order to stay compliant with individual state licensure regulations, customers living in certain states have some limitations, including but not limited to: using nutrition consults to diagnose or treat medical conditions, interpreting labs, recommending supplements, and giving specific nutritional advice beyond general evidence-based information. Your registered dietitian can, however, help you understand your analysis, provide general tips for healthy eating, empower you to overcome barriers, and achieve your goals. States without limitations include: AK, AZ, CA, CO, CT, HI, ID, IN, IL, MA, MI, NH, NY, OK, OR, PA, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, & WY