Why are certain "healthy" foods not on your My Foods list?

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As you're looking through your My foods list, you might be wondering why certain foods made it on your list, and maybe even why certain foods didn't make it on your My Foods list.

Your My Foods list was created by selecting the foods that had the best match compared to your genetic based recommendations for macro and micronutrients. So the closer the match, the higher that food was pulled on your list. 

This means that there might be some really good foods out there that we know are generally healthy, such as kale, olive oil, blueberries, or apples. But maybe they didn't show up on your list because they didn't have quite as close of a match to your macro and micronutrients as other foods. 

For example, perhaps your results suggest you could benefit from more potassium, vitamin D, fiber, or vitamin B12. Foods that have more of those nutrients will be pulled up higher. It is known that apples are a healthy food, but maybe blackberries and bananas could give you a better nutritional bang for your buck. I encourage you to have fun exploring your recommended foods and try something new.