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Transform the way you eat through the analysis of your DNA


Purchase Kit

  • Order your DNA Test Kit.*
  • Spit in the tube we send you.
  • Send that spit tube back to us.

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DNA Magic

  • We receive your spit and process your DNA.
  • We analyze your DNA against 38 biomarkers and 131 data dimensions linked to health and diet.
  • We create a custom report unique to your DNA.

Get Results

  • Review your report.
  • Start making changes to your diet based on your DNA.
  • Live a better life!



Change your relationship with food through a custom tool kit packed with nutritional information unique to your body.

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My Chinese grandma was a brilliant cook and said a person that eats right can live a life free of disease. Today I cannot agree with her more. We provide people personalized nutrition solutions compatible with their biology, to help them live their strongest.

Sherry Zhang, Founder

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