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Embrace The 

Unique You

Embrace The 

Unique You

Personalized nutrition powered by your DNA

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Unlock Your DNA Nutrition Reports

Start your personalized nutrition journey by providing us with your genetic data for analysis.

Results delivered in 24 hours

Upload Your Existing DNA Data

Already have your DNA data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA? Upload your raw genetic data now to receive your personalized Essential Nutrition Report in only 24 hours.

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Components of a GenoPalate DNA diet test kit, including swabs and user instructions for genetic health insights.

Results delivered in 4-6 weeks

Order a DNA Collection Kit

New to DNA testing? Order our easy-to-use DNA Collection Kit, collect your saliva sample at home, and send it to our lab for analysis to unlock your personalized Essential Nutrition Report.

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Tailored DNA-based diet recommendations

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Built on years of analyzing clinical trials

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Insights into stress and eating behaviors

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Personalized nutrition for optimal wellness

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Access to expert dietitian coaching

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Reports detail 100+ optimal foods and nutrients

Here’s how GenoPalate works

Collect and send your saliva sample to our lab
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Receive your personalized genetic nutrition reports
Woman consulting her personalized GenoPalate DNA diet plan on a computer with registered dietitian
Meet with your dietitian to review your results
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Elevate your wellness with custom-formula supplements

Rooted In Evidence-based Science

GenoPalate uses advanced genetic analysis to offer personalized nutrition based on your DNA, focusing on improving your metabolic health through tailored dietary insights.

  • We analyze over 150 genetic markers to tailor dietary advice precisely.

  • Samples processed in a top-tier CLIA-certified lab and meet FDA standards.

  • Recommendations based on peer-reviewed research, continuously updated.

  • We protect and de-identify your genetic data with strict security measures.

Illustration showing the process of DNA replication with enzymes and nucleotides.


How do I know if GenoPalate is right for me?

If you're curious about how your genetics influence your diet and are seeking personalized nutrition advice, GenoPalate's DNA diet test is designed for you. It's perfect for anyone wanting to optimize their diet based on their unique genetic makeup.

Why is a DNA-based approach to nutrition more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach?

A DNA-based approach considers your unique genetic variations that affect how you metabolize nutrients, enabling a more personalized and effective strategy for improving metabolic health.

What kind of information can I learn from a DNA-based nutrition report?

You'll learn about your macro and micronutrient needs, food sensitivities, metabolic rate, and which foods are most beneficial for your DNA, aiding in the improvement of your metabolic health.

How does DNA-based nutrition help with weight management?

By understanding how your genetics influence nutrient metabolism and appetite, DNA-based nutrition provides personalized guidance for managing your weight, which is a key aspect of metabolic health.

What is included in the complimentary coaching session with the registered dietitian?

In your complimentary coaching session, a registered dietitian will review your personalized nutrition report, help you understand your DNA-based dietary recommendations, and answer any questions you might have. The session aims to help you implement the suggestions effectively, addressing any dietary preferences or restrictions you have, and providing practical tips for making lasting dietary changes.

How is DNA-based nutrition different from other dietary approaches?

Unlike generic dietary approaches, DNA-based nutrition uses genetic information to tailor dietary recommendations, making it a more precise and personalized method to improve metabolic health.

What makes GenoPalate different from other nutrition services?

GenoPalate stands out because we use a comprehensive analysis of over 158 genetic markers to provide detailed, science-backed nutrition guidance that's specifically tailored to your DNA. Plus, our reports are easy to understand and apply to daily life.

How secure is my genetic data when I opt for a DNA-based nutritional analysis?

At GenoPalate, safeguarding your genetic or personal information is paramount. Our robust database, reinforced by solid security measures, protects your data against potential threats. Your genetic and personal information is stored and handled separately to protect your privacy. Only select personnel have access to both in order to process your results. We maintain transparency, never sharing your information with third parties or using it for research without your consent. If you choose to leave, a simple account deletion erases all associated information. While we ensure data security, we also urge you to safeguard your authentication credentials. Learn more → 

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