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How it Works

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How GenoPalate Works for You

GenoPalate is transforming lives through personalized nutrition.  For millions of years, our genetic ancestors’ actions determined the survival of the genes that make us who we are. Changes in our nutritional environment constantly shaped the 3.2 billion chemical bases in our DNA. GenoPalate can help you thrive in today’s challenging food environment by revealing your nutritional ancestry. We help you tailor your nutrition to your genes.

Navigating your nutritional landscape

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Our unique ancestries and genotypes have given us distinct tolerance levels to a range of nutrients and minerals. The GenoPalate team identifies your individual profile and, using our proprietary portfolio of genetic markers, creates an individualized nutrition map for you.

Because we continue to incorporate new scientific discoveries every day. By teaming up with GenoPalate, you will have the most up-to-date knowledge and tools to eat for your genes and thrive.


"I've Always Felt that I Didn't Digest FAts very WEll, and GEnoPAlate's TEsts Confirmed My Gut."

-GenoPalate Customer 

GenoPalate Genetic Nutritional Analysis


Our lab will analyze your nutritional genotype. Within 4 weeks, we will provide you with a personalized package loaded with actionable nutrition tools and information for your metabolic health benefits.

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"Before, my lactose intolerance was always a guessing game, but now I know for sure."

-GenoPalate Customer

Already have your DNA data?          We can use it!

Already have your genetic test results with 23 and me or ancestry.com? Awesome! Want to know what kind of actionable nutrition insights this genomic information can do for you? This product is perfect for you!

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