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How was your My Foods list created for you?

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Let's talk about how your My foods list was created just for you. We've taken a look at your macronutrient and micronutrient recommendations, and then compared them to our extensive food database. 

Your macronutrients include your carbs, fat and protein, and your micronutrients include your vitamins and minerals. Then we analyze the foods in our database to see which will have the closest match to your recommendations. 

For example, if your results suggest you may benefit from a higher vitamin C intake, potassium, or fiber, you may notice that certain fruits or vegetables that contain more of those nutrients such as oranges or peppers will be pulled higher to the top of your recommended foods list. 

If your analysis suggests you may benefit from less sodium or saturated fat, certain meats like salami likely will not show up on your list. So again, taking into account your macronutrient and micronutrient recommendations, is how your My foods list was created just for you.

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