Scientifically Backed.

GenoPalate combines cutting-edge science with nutrition expertise to provide you with evidence-based recommendations and personalized vitamins rooted in rigorous research and tailored to your specific genetic makeup.

One cheek swab away from optimal nutrition

At GenoPalate, we offer precise and customized nutrition recommendations using your genetic makeup. Our science is supported by rigorous research and privacy protection. Over the last 7 years, we have increased our genetic markers from 25 to over 158, allowing us to identify specific genetic traits and sensitivities affecting your ideal diet. We firmly believe that your diet plays a vital role in your metabolic health and longevity, surpassing its significance for appearance.

Lab Certification

All saliva samples are processed in CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs, meeting the highest quality standards in laboratory testing.

FDA Compliance

Our kit is manufactured in accordance with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, ensuring the highest level of quality control in the production process.


 We utilize genotyping, a well-established and reliable platform for analyzing DNA, to identify key markers that affect your nutritional needs.

Peer-Reviewed Research

We only use evidence from the highest-quality, peer-reviewed research studies to inform our recommendations, ensuring scientific validity and accuracy.

Research Updates

Staying up to date with the latest scientific research is a priority for us. Over the past 7 years, we have expanded the number of genetic variants we analyze from 25 to 158, incorporating the latest findings into our analysis.

Privacy Protection

We understand the importance of your privacy. Your data is used solely to deliver the best diet recommendations to you through our app, and we will never sell, lease, or share your data without your explicit consent.

How we turn your DNA into nutritional insights

Through our extensive research and analysis, we have identified key markers in your DNA that can influence your nutritional needs. These markers provide insights into how your body processes certain nutrients, such as vitamin D or protein. By understanding your genetic variations, we can tailor nutrition recommendations specifically for you.

Furthermore, these genetic markers have been linked to various health outcomes. For example, individuals with a certain genetic variant may experience improved heart health or weight management when they adjust their diet to match their body's unique nutritional needs.

We compile these insights into our proprietary algorithm, which generates a set of 23 personalized nutrition recommendations. Additionally, we provide insights into your sensitivity to alcohol, caffeine, lactose, and gluten. Your DNA-tailored nutrition needs are then used to score the nutrient content of foods in our extensive database, offering you a list of optimal foods to incorporate into your diet.

*While our saliva-based DNA test provides valuable insights into your nutritional needs, it is important to understand that it cannot detect food allergies. For accurate and reliable detection of food allergies, an allergist should be consulted.

Empowering a Nutritional Revolution

Learn more about our mission to revolutionize the way we approach nutrition and the team behind-the-scenes making it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a genetic variant or genetic marker?
A genetic variant or marker refers to a single spot within the genome that commonly varies from person to person. These differences can sometimes lead to certain diseases or traits, or they might not have any effect at all. At GenoPalate, we look at the variants that affect your body’s nutritional needs and processes.
What is genotyping?
The process we use to analyze the DNA extracted from your saliva sample is called genotyping. Genotyping only reads your genetic code in regions known to vary from person to person. These are called genetic variants or markers, and they’re what makes you unique. 

We focus on the variants that high-quality research proves to affect your body’s nutritional needs and processes.
How is my data secured?
Your DNA is completely de-identified and encrypted in our database. This means that no outside affiliate can get to your DNA and that your personal information has been unattached from your DNA.