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Eligibility Overview

Depending on your personal circumstances, some or all of the cost for your GenoPalate purchases may be reimbursable through your HSA/FSA account, although, we recommend you consult with your personal tax advisor before moving forward.

The IRS permits those accounts to reimburse "medical expenses" which generally include "amounts paid ... for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease, or for the purpose of affecting any structure or function of the body." It has stated: "the term “diagnosis” encompasses the determination that a disease may or may not be present, and includes testing of changes to the function of the body that are unrelated to disease."

Based on this view, the IRS has informally ruled that genotyping (the process we use to identify and make recommendations for your best health) can be a "medical expense" where it "give[s] individuals a "deeper understanding of their health risks" and [encourages] individuals to provide the information to a healthcare provider for additional testing, diagnosis, or treatment."

The IRS treats dietitian services as medical expenses only in very limited circumstances. While we believe consultation with our dietitians adds significant practical value to your test results, the services they provide will not qualify as "medical expense" for reimbursement purposes. 

Although we cannot and do not give tax advice, it is our view that some or all of the cost of the basic genotyping assessment should be properly reimbursable through your HSA/FSA accounts.

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