What does the research say about your genes?

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Are you wondering how your GenoPalate Analysis was created? Let's talk through the science. 

As we know, genes give our body instructions for how to metabolize different nutrients and perform different functions within our body. Each of our genes has locations where our genetic codes tend to vary from person to person. These are called genetic variants, and these are what makes us different. 

Whether you uploaded your DNA data from AncestryDNA or 23andMe or you collected your DNA with one of our collection kits, we’ve analyzed hundreds of your genetic variants. We then compare them to research studies that correlate these different genetic variants with different nutritional needs and health benefits. 

These studies outline how people with certain genetic variants may be able to do things like reduce their body mass index (BMI) or LDL cholesterol by adjusting certain nutrient levels in their diet. They can also indicate how fast people with certain genetic variants can clear substances such as alcohol and caffeine from their system. 

Once we take a look at what your genetic code is, and we compare them to people who have similar genes in the research study, we can create a recommendation for you. 

We have very high standards for the research we use, and we make sure that these research studies are always peer-reviewed, that they have a large number of participants, and that they are statistically significant. 

For example, certain people in a study may have had better health outcomes such as improved blood pressure, when following a low sodium diet. We can take a look at what genetic variants those people had, and see if you also have the same genetic variants. 

I hope that helps you understand how your analysis was created by looking at your unique genetic variants and comparing them to the research studies.