Purchasing GenoPalate as a Gift?

If you purchase GenoPalate as gift, you will receive all emails and instructions for your GenoPalate order until your gift recipient(s) create their personal GenoPalate accounts. If your gift recipient(s) do not create their accounts, you will be the main point of contact until the accounts are created.

  • During purchase, select the "for someone else" option

  • Shortly after purchase, you will receive an email with gifting instructions

  • In this email, there will be a PDF document for you to print out or forward to your giftee

  • This PDF will walk them through how to register for a GenoPalate account.

What if I purchase multiple gifts?

If you purchase multiple gifts, we will attach a PDF for each gift you purchased. 

Example: John purchases 2 DNA Kits and 1 Existing DNA, all as gifts. GenoPalate will send John his gifting instructions email with 3 PDFs attached, 2 for the DNA Kits, and then 1 for the Existing DNA. 

What if my gift recipient does not create their account?

GenoPalate periodically sends out account creation reminders for its customers. You, the person giving the gift, will receive these emails.

I received a gift and I was not given any instructions?

If you received a DNA Kit, refer to the box on how to create your account and provide your DNA sample. If you would like additional instructions please refer here.

If you received Existing DNA as a gift, please ask whomever gave you the gift for the instructions provided in their gift instruction email. If they are unable or unwilling to provide this to you, please contact hello@genopalate.com for additional support.