Personalized supplements, based on your genes

The days of low-quality, over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all vitamins and supplements are over.

Custom formulas, personalized to your DNA

Custom formulas, personalized to your DNA

GenoPalate's custom supplement offering caters to your specific needs, uses high-quality ingredients your body can readily absorb, and eliminates a cabinet full of bottles. 

Once you've received the results of your GenoPalate Analysis, you'll have access to your custom supplement formula. If you already have your GenoPalate results, you can click here to access the link to your formula.

21 ingredients, matched to your needs

*This formula is for demonstration purposes only

Give your nutrition an extra boost


Made with ingredients optimized for your body.

Vegan & Gluten-friendly

Your custom formula is both vegan and gluten-friendly.


Need to make a change? Just let us know before we ship your supplement.


Budget-friendly compared to buying individual ingredients.


How do I purchase my Personalized Supplement?

Login to your GenoPalate account to view your personalized supplements.

How does GenoPalate work with VitaminLab?

VitaminLab provides GenoPalate with the tools necessary to build a custom formula based on your GenoPalate results. GenoPalate then securely provides this information to VitaminLab where you make your purchase!

Are Personalized Supplements a subscription service? 

Yes, VitaminLab is a subscription service that makes it easy to stay on track! We send you 3-month formulas at a time and bill monthly.

How is the formula customized for me?

Your formula is personalized to you using your DNA based nutrient needs from your GenoPalate Analysis. This creates an individualized product that provides appropriate amounts of each ingredient. Not too little, not too much, just optimal.

How does billing work?

Your Personalized Supplement is billed on a monthly basis. The 1-month voucher available for purchase at checkout covers the first month of your subscription. 

Can I cancel/update at any time?

You can cancel/update your plan up to 14 days before we ship out your next supply, just let us know at

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