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Five Signs To Consider A Nutritional DNA Test

Most people would benefit from understanding the connection between their unique genetic makeup and the foods they eat. With a nutritional DNA test, you can determine what food sensitivities you may have, and which foods your body can process. However, there are some people who would especially benefit from knowing how their diet can affect their health. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the tell-tale signs that you should consider a nutritional DNA test.

Getting sick often

If you find yourself getting sick often, your life could improve with the help of a nutritional DNA test. What many people don’t know is that our immune system is affected by the food we put in our bodies. Without a proper nutritional balance, our immune system can become weak, leaving us susceptible to illness. By following a personalized nutrition plan, you can focus on the nutrients that benefit your body. This will help stabilize your immune system and reduce the likelihood of getting sick.

Unexplained digestive issues

Unexplained digestive issues can be frustrating. If you suffer from a form of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), you understand how difficult it can be to predict. Symptoms like upset stomach, frequent diarrhea, or cramping and bloating, are often caused by food-related IBS. 

A nutritional DNA test can help identify food sensitivities that cause IBS and other unexplained digestive issues. By taking a nutritional DNA test, you can create a personalized nutrition plan that suits your body’s needs, reducing unexplained digestive issues. 

Feeling tired or rundown

Feeling tired or rundown is a common symptom of malnutrition. Whether your body is lacking in nutrients overall, or suffering from a vitamin deficiency of some sort, chronic fatigue should not be taken lightly. If you suffer from feeling tired all the time, don’t brush it off as being lazy. There’s a high chance you’re experiencing symptoms of an underlying health issue. 

By taking a nutritional DNA test, you’ll be able to better understand your recommended daily vitamin and mineral intake. Additionally, by breaking down your substance tolerance, you can determine which foods are causing more harm than good. If you have an undiagnosed sensitivity to gluten, you may be eating foods that cause sluggishness. Personalize your nutrition to take full advantage of your body’s energy output.

Not losing weight even after following a strict diet

Many people struggle with losing weight on a diet. This can be quite frustrating, especially if that diet worked well for someone you know. If you’ve been following a strict diet and exercise plan, but aren’t seeing the results you’d like, there’s a chance you aren’t eating right for your body. Just because one person loses weight on a paleo diet doesn’t mean everyone will. Some bodies get their energy from different nutrients and perform better with a specific macro intake. 

By taking a nutritional DNA test, you can determine which macronutrients your body needs more or less of. By doing so, you can reduce or remove foods from your diet that aren’t being utilized or are causing your weight to plateau.

Unexplained sensitivities

Similar to unexplained digestive issues, sensitivities can show in multiple ways. For example, if you have a low caffeine metabolism, you may feel the effects of coffee differently. This could show through signs of sluggishness when you’d expect to have high-energy, or anxiety after having too much caffeine. Similar issues can arise for those with low alcohol metabolism or sensitivities to certain foods. 

If you’ve noticed any strange feelings or reactions to foods or drinks, this is your sign to take a nutritional DNA test. Nutritional DNA tests can help break down your substance metabolism. This will explain any substance intolerances you may have, like lactose, gluten, alcohol, and caffeine

*A nutritional DNA test can not diagnose food allergies.

Take a Nutritional DNA Test

Join the GenoPalate community! Our dietary DNA test helps analyze your genome type and allows us to create science-based nutrition plans made just for you. Our personalized nutrition plans include information on what macronutrients your body needs to energize and possible substance intolerances that could be inhibiting your weight loss progress. Give your health journey a leg-up and take a nutritional DNA test today. 


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