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How GenoPalate Creates Personalized Supplements for Your DNA

As children, we were told to eat vegetables, drink milk, and take our multi-vitamin. Today, we know these simple recommendations and a one-size-fits-all Flinstone’s chewable may not address everyone’s unique nutritional needs.

Health and nutrition are personal experiences. That’s why we recommend everyone learns about their bodies and understands what they need to thrive. The first step? Take a nutrition DNA test

Vitamins and Supplements for Your Health

“Creating a personalized supplement plan saved my life. I wouldn’t be here without it.” 

- Alyssa, 26

As a young woman, Alyssa struggled with health issues her entire life, until she became seriously ill at age 23. After months of bed rest, visiting specialists across the province, and dozens of tests, she finally received a diagnosis. 

Alyssa was suffering from a severe case of B-12 Deficiency Anemia, which had caused a lack of red blood cells carrying oxygen to her vital organs. Due to this deficiency, her body had also become susceptible to deadly infections and viruses. Something as seemingly simple as a vitamin deficiency almost claimed her life. Fortunately, after six months of following a strict, personalized supplement plan, 

Alyssa was able to return to normal and enjoy her mid-twenties. To this day, she still follows the same supplement regimen and recommends others explore what their bodies need as well.

While not all health journeys are a matter of life and death, they do encompass the same principles of understanding what your body needs and working to balance the scales. Each body is unique in what it requires, what it lacks, and what it’s able to produce on its own. 

Regardless of how healthy you may seem, lacking a key vitamin (like B-12) could make your health journey much more difficult than it needs to be.

The Importance of Personalized Vitamins

As we’ve mentioned, everybody is different. What you may require for your health is different than what your siblings or friends require. While genetics play a major role in your personalized vitamin needs, there is no one-size-fits-all supplement.

To truly understand and create a personalized supplement plan, we recommend taking our nutrition DNA test. This will help determine what vitamins your body is lacking or responds well to, and the combination of supplements you’ll need to balance your levels. 

Health is an individual experience and will vary greatly from person-to-person, which is why we offer personalized vitamins that consist of 21 key ingredients, matched to your needs.

Using Your DNA to Create Personalized Supplements

We’re often asked, “How is the formula customized for me?”


In short, our formulas are personalized with your DNA-based nutrient needs in mind. We use your DNA test results to create an individualized product with just the right amount of each ingredient for you. This will spare you from calculating doses, arranging pill bottles, and suffering through tedious trial and error.

To learn more, please visit our personalized supplements page to read about how GenoPalate can create a vitamin regimen tailored to your needs.


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