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Customer Success Stories

Read testimonials and reviews from GenoPalate members! This is how the science of nutrigenomics and precision nutrition changed their lives.

"GenoPalate is absolutely amazing and worth every penny! I shared my results with friends and family on Instagram and I literally had 7 people text me and ask what GenoPalate was all about. With the info I received on my report, I learned the food items that my body took a liking too! So now, I never fear cutting food out because I just enjoy the ones that fit my body’s needs and I eat plenty of them. I recommend GenoPalate because it takes the guess work out! I always eat chicken in lieu of beef because it is known to be healthier. I just found out that beef is actually better for me than chicken. Win-win!"

Dina - Oneonta, AL

"I was in the dark about how much of the nutritional content that should make up my daily intake I had deficits in. It's important for every human being to be aware what is optimal for their nutrition. It dictates everything else if one is conscious of the importance of food and one's meat wagon."

Samuel - Holliston, MA

"My biggest health challenge before contacting GenoPalate was not eating right. I have always had issues eating the right nutritional foods as my taste buds want something not healthy and I am a very picky eater. Now with more understanding in mind I can discuss with my health professionals to find more ways for me to help myself. I would recommend GenoPalate because I found the information very useful. So for anyone who has questions arise about nutritional concerns and want to eat better for them to be healthier I would definitely use GenoPalate."

Rosanne - Lancaster, PA

"Over the past two years I’ve made a big attempt to become healthier. I started out weighing just over 300 pounds and I’ve lost 150 since I started exercising and eating healthy. One of the big reasons I finally did GenoPalate was because I wanted to know exactly what my body requires for nutrients and the best foods for my body. It’s given me great insight into exactly what my body needs. I couldn’t be happier to have finally done GenoPalate and gotten to know myself on a genetic level."

Patrick - Carthage, NY

"I would highly recommend the GenoPalate Report! My money well spent and I am able to purchase foods according to my dietary needs. Before receiving my results, I always felt that I had lactose sensitivities and my report confirmed this although I’m not officially diagnosed by my physician. I now know exactly what foods are most beneficial to me. If you are wanting an individualized assessment of food for your health, I highly, highly recommend this report!"

Jess - Alexandria, LA

"Over the past few years, I have struggled to find an eating plan that works for managing my weight. I have tried a variety of plans including Keto, Paleo and other reduced-carb plans. It turns out that GenoPalate recommends that I try a moderately high carb and moderately high protein plan. Guess that explains why the other plans weren’t really working for me. GenoPalate’s report and resources are easy to understand. I attended one of their live online sessions and found it helpful as well. The process of transferring my genetic data from 23&Me was well documented and was easy to execute."

Andy - Westlake Village, CA 

More GenoPalate Success Stories

Mike Shows Us How His Genomic Nutrition Test Helped His Diet

Through GenoPalate’s dietary DNA test, Mike discovered that his genome type requires a high carb and high protein diet with fewer fats and sugars. Now Mike can follow a personalized nutrition plan based on his DNA for weight loss and whole-body healthcare.

Personal Nutrition Made Truly Personal

Each of our customers has their own story. GenoPalate personalizes your nutrition to you based on your genes.

" The report has made me aware of the types of food my body needs more of. "

- L.B.

" I like that the report was able to pinpoint the foods I should eat according to my DNA profile. "

- R.P.

" I thoroughly enjoy the details about the vitamins minerals, etc. that you have a higher need for, as well as how much your body metabolizes alcohol and such. "

- S.S.

"Overall, I loved the whole experience - quick, easy and informative. The layout of the report was great as it's straightforward and comprehensive."

- A.B.

" I like that the report listed foods I wasn't already aware of, or have eaten. I like to broaden my palate. "

- M.D. 

" The information provided reagrrding vitamins, minerals and good food matches is extremely helpful. "

- B.R.

" I have told so many people about GenoPalate! I truly appreciate having more concrete information on what my body needs from nutrition. "

- B.R.

" The report revealed information that surprised me (in a good way) and ran counter to what I had been told my mainstream nutrition authorities. "

- M.I.

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