The daily micro-nutrients that you need.

Personalized vitamins formulated to your DNA, age, gender, and diet

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These vitamins aren't for everyone...

While we will always encourage a food-first approach to nutrition, we believe a daily supplement personalized to your body's needs ensures you're receiving the nutrients you may not be getting from your meals alone.

Truly Personalized To You

The amount of nutrients your body requires should be based on your age, gender, diet, AND genetics. With GenoVit, you’ll get a supplement that takes all of that into account.

Our Commitment To Quality

Our premium supplements are just that—premium— they’re made with high-quality, traceable, raw ingredients in a USA-based, cGMP Compliant lab.

Backed By Science

We use the most up-to-date scientific research and the expertise of our scientists and registered dietitians to build the best personalized vitamin product possible.

“My GenoPalate personalized vitamins are much better because they are made-to-order just for me.”

Tom | New Jersey | Age 54

"My GenoPalate vitamins are more convenient because they are formulated into only three capsules each day."

Kim | Illinois | Age 49

“My GenoPalate personalized vitamins bundle probiotics and omega-3 so I spend less money and get more.”

Linda | California | Age 51

Are you getting the most from your vitamins?

Our personalized formulation system starts with base formulas for women and men, considering age for specific nutrients. We modify each nutrient based on genetic profile and dietary information. For example, vitamin D varies based on genetic needs and low consumption. Iron is removed for those who don't need it or have a genetic trait indicating iron restriction.

Each of the 14 micronutrients in our base formula change based on genetics, diet, sex, and age, with nearly 1 million combinations – it doesn't get more personalized than that.

Only 4% of of daily vitamins and supplements on the market today are personalized with genetic testing the way we do it.

82% of daily vitamins are formulated based on standard population data, not YOU.

Setting a new standard for quality

100% Chemical-Filler Free

Chemicals fillers will never be found in our vitamins

cGMP Compliant

Manufactured following FDA-enforced practices to ensure high-quality standards

Third-Party Tested

We always meet high-quality product standards for safety and performance 

Made in the USA

Be confident in your vitamins with strict quality control, consumer safety, and transparency

Give your personalized formula a boost

  • Metabolic Support Booster

    Give your metabolism the backing it needs to increase energy production, support enzymatic reactions, and protect it from free radicals.

    • Increases energy production

    • Helps support the enzymatic reactions that are essential for metabolism

    • Antioxidants protect cells from harmful free radicals in the body

  • Craving Control Booster

    Curb your cravings with nutrients that aid your metabolism, block glucose absorption, and reduce sweetness sensations. 

    • Aids in carbohydrate, lipid, and protein metabolism

    • Blocks the absorption of glucose

    • Reduces the sensation of sweetness

  • Anti-Stress Booster

    Help calm your brain with nutrients that support mental capacity and increase resistance to environmental stressors.

    • Supports mental capacity

    • Increases resistance to environmental stress

    • Helps calm the brain

Brooke's Story

Embracing Health through DNA-tailored Nutrition

Watch as Brooke unveils her transformational journey with GenoPalate's personalized vitamins, uniquely formulated from her DNA test results. 

Inspired by her journey? It's time to take your health to the next level. Discover the power of personalized vitamins today!

Take The Next Step In Your Health Journey

Unlock the only personalized vitamin that's formulate for you.

Not yet a GenoPalate member? Get your DNA Analysis →

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase my personalized supplements?
You’ll have to have a GenoPalate nutrition analysis first, which you can get by purchasing our DNA test. Once you receive your results (or if you already have them), log into your GenoPalate account to view your personalized supplement formula, then order your first 3-month supply.
Are my personalized vitamins a subscription service?
Yes, your personalized vitamins are a subscription service that makes it easy to stay on track with taking them! We send you a 3-month supply at a time, so you never have to worry about running out. 
How is the formula customized specifically for me?
Your formula is personalized to you using your DNA-based nutrient needs that are derived from your GenoPalate analysis. This ensures that your formula provides appropriate amounts of each ingredient. 
How does billing work?
Your personalized vitamin subscription is automatically billed every 3 months using the payment method you have on file.
Can I cancel or update my subscription at any time?
Yes! You can do so in your GenoPalate account, or reach out to us via email at if you have any questions. 
Has GenoPalate always offered vitamins? What’s the difference between your previous vitamins?
Yes, we’ve always offered vitamins. In the past, we partnered with a third party to supply vitamins to our customers. Our new line of in-house, personalized supplements. By bringing vitamins in-house, we now have more capabilities to bring you the best quality products and ingredients.