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Pioneering the Future of Personalized Nutrition

GenoPalate is the leading US genomic nutrition platform for both consumers and health providers. Since its inception in 2017, GenoPalate has successfully acquired genotypic and phenotypic data from over 170,000 paying members and identified more than 150 genetic markers that code for differences in how individuals metabolize food. Using GenoPalate’s proprietary algorithms, a customer’s holistic profile can now be matched to ideal nutrients vitamins, optimal foods, and personalized recipes at scale. Through its cutting-edge nutritional intelligence platform, GenoPalate engages its customers in their ongoing nutritional needs for healthy living.

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Join us for a glimpse into the future of personalized nutrition. Retailers, schedule a meeting to explore a partnership that delivers unique health experiences to your customers. By leveraging genetic data, our platform provides transformative dietary recommendations. Don't miss this chance to elevate your retail offerings with personalized health journeys. Let's talk!


Discover personalized nutrition with GenoPalate at Expo East 2023. As a distributor, seize this opportunity to enhance your portfolio with our innovative, genetics-based dietary solution. By partnering with us, you offer clients a unique product that tailors wellness at a molecular level. Let's transform the wellness industry together. Book a meeting to learn more.

Wellness Providers

Explore our innovative personalized nutrition platform. Health providers, this is your chance to upgrade patient care. We use genetic data for customized dietary advice, offering a new level of personalized care. Embrace the future of health and wellness - book a meeting with our team at Expo Schedule a meeting to discover how GenoPalate can enhance your services.

Meet The Attending Team

Sherry Zhang

Founder & Chief Science Officer

Asif Naseem

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Connell

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

Frankie O'Brien

Lead Registered Dietitian

Visit Our Booth #8922
Join us at Expo West at the GenoPalate booth in The New Hope Innovation Experience. As the industry adapts to increasing consumer consciousness about food and its impact, our focus on personalized nutrition through genomics offers a glimpse into the future of food. 

Whether you're interested in new technologies, discovering unique products, or engaging in interactive learning, we invite you to our booth located in on Level 3 within the Hot Products section.