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The Best Anti-Aging Supplements to Add to Your Diet

Ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? Our well-being and health are hugely influenced by what we eat. Eating carbs and sugars gives us the energy to get through the day, while protein helps to build and repair healthy muscle and tissue.


As we age, what our body requires from our food begins to change. Getting the right nutrients becomes even more important, and has the potential to affect not only your physical appearance but also your overall health and quality of life.


Getting old is just a fact of life, but by adopting a healthy diet that’s rich in anti-aging foods and supplements, we can do everything in our power to be as healthy as possible as we age.


How Our Food Needs Change as We Age


As we grow older, there are many changes within our bodies that alter how we digest and process nutrients. For example, one impactful change is that our body starts to produce less stomach acid. As it decreases, it affects our ability to absorb critical nutrients like calcium, iron, and magnesium.


Additionally, most adults find that they require fewer calories as they age, leading to a reduced appetite. Unfortunately, less food eaten leads to fewer nutrients absorbed. When a body is short on nutrients, it’s easy to lose muscle mass, strength, and energy.


Eating for anti-aging isn’t just about reversing the aesthetic signs of aging. It also means doing whatever possible to maintain healthy muscles, joints, and energy levels as we grow older.


Enhancing Your Diet with the Best Anti-Aging Supplements


As a result of their increased nutritional needs but decreased nutrient absorption and appetite, many older adults opt to augment their diet with anti-aging products. These typically take the form of dietary supplements.


Dietary supplements contain a variety of ingredients, ranging from isolated minerals and vitamins to herbs and other botanicals. They can take many forms, from drops or capsules to gummies, powders, or liquids. 


Within the United States, anything that is advertised as a supplement must contain the dosage information on the label and must offer a full ingredient list, including any non-nutritive binders or fillers that are used to create the product.


Many supplements that are available today can help your body stay healthy even as your appetite decreases and your nutrient needs change. Here are some of the best anti-aging supplements you should consider adding to your diet. 


Vitamin D


Both calcium and vitamin D have been shown to help keep bones strong. This is a critical concern as we grow older and bone density starts to decline. Vitamin D helps us absorb both calcium and phosphorus, which are critical to bone health. 


Vitamin D can be found in many foods and synthesizes in our bodies from sun exposure. However, taking an additional vitamin D supplement may be recommended if you are over 70, have a condition that affects how your body absorbs minerals, or don’t get a lot of sun exposure.


Vitamin A


Vitamin A (also called retinol) is an important nutrient that is key to processes like healthy vision, cell division, and immunity. It’s also found in foods, but if you don’t get enough of it in your diet, you may opt to take a supplement. In studies, vitamin A (along with other vitamins like beta-carotene) has been shown to reduce age-related macular degeneration by 25%.


Vitamin C


As a supplement, vitamin C is one of the safest available on the market today, and is often used by people of all ages to boost the immune system. 


When taken by older adults, vitamin C has been shown to help prevent cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. When used both internally and topically, vitamin C can help treat UV-related photodamage from sunlight as well as wrinkles.  


Vitamin B12


Vitamin B-12 is such a prized supplement for anti-aging that many clinics have started to offer injections of this vitamin. While dietary supplements are beneficial, injections given directly into the bloodstream can help your body absorb and utilize the vitamin with greater ease. 


In addition to improving the look and feel of skin, vitamin B-12 is reported to offer increased energy, improved memory, and even increased reflex response.


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)


This supplement is a popular antioxidant that can be added to your diet to help improve symptoms of heart conditions, lower total cholesterol levels, and help boost overall physical performance. Taking this antioxidant may be beneficial as our natural levels of this antioxidant decline with age. Additionally, there are some types of drugs, like statins, that are believed to have a negative effect on our CoQ10 levels.   




For many people, their external appearance has a huge impact on how they feel physically. Collagen is a huge component of both hair, skin, and nails, and taking it as a dietary supplement has been shown to help our bodies replace it. 


This is valuable since as we age, our body starts to break down collagen much faster than we can replace it. In studies, collagen supplements were shown to help improve skin elasticity, leading to fewer visible wrinkles and younger-looking skin.  


Tips for Using Anti-Aging Supplements Effectively

As we age, it’s tempting to want to try a variety of methods to slow down visible signs of aging and help improve our physical and mental health. 


Instead of taking any supplement you see advertised in grocery or health food stores, you should always do your research first. There are some supplements, like vitamins D or C, that can be detrimental if you consume too much. Always pay close attention to the label, and follow the recommended daily dosage carefully.


If you have questions about the best supplements for anti-aging, talk to your doctor about your concerns and ask for their input. They may be able to steer you towards reputable brands and will help you determine the correct dosage for your age and physical requirements.


Additionally, some prescription drugs, like statins, can interact or even counteract the effects of supplements. Make sure you’re aware of how supplements will interact with any medications you may be taking before you try a new product.  


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