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People preparing recipes geared to their personalized genomic nutrition plan.

Genomic Nutrition for a Healthier You

Use the latest genomic nutrition science, your DNA data, and GenoPalate's Personalized Nutrition Analysis to optimize your health.

Start Your Personalized Nutrition Journey

Start Your Genomic Nutrition Journey

Existing DNA upload at computer

Have Taken a DNA Test

You have DNA data from either 23andMe or AncestryDNA

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DNA Collection Kit

Have Not Taken a DNA Test

We've got you covered with our DNA Collection Kit

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What You Can Expect On A Genomic Nutrition Plan

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Celebrate Your Body

Learn which foods support your unique metabolism to help achieve your ideal health goals.

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Feed Your Curiosity

Indulge in tasty, nutrient rich, gene-friendly foods to inspire the healthiest you.

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Achieve Optimal Health

Enjoy the robust flavors of foods that may help nourish your body and increase your energy.

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Make Informed Decisions

Embrace nutritional insights that may help you manage deficiencies and promote wellness.

Access Your Personal Genomic Nutrition Plan On-The-Go

It's easy to take care of yourself when you have a guide to your DNA in your pocket.

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Your Exclusive DNA Expert

Your personalized nutrition analysis is based on your unique genotype. Use our app to understand why your top foods are matched for you and to make smart eating choices.

What you get with your GenoPalate Analysis:

  • Macronutrient percentage recommendations
  • Vitamin and mineral recommendations
  • Lactose and gluten sensitivity likelihood
  • Caffeine & alcohol metabolism analysis
  • Optimal food recommendations—100+ recommendations included
  • Complementary group orientation with a Registered Dietician to help you understand your nutritional DNA analysis, interpret your results, and offer tips to begin eating for your genes
  • Access to the member’s forum where you have direct contact with GenoPalate team members, weekly challenges and videos, and the opportunity to connect with other GenoPalate users
Example recipe PDF

Your Personalized Recipe Collection

Take the guesswork out of incorporating your optimal foods into tasty dishes. Order a delectable collection of personalized recipes made just for you by our team of nutritional experts.

*Add personalized recipes to your base GenoPalate Analysis purchase to further personalize your experience.

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Personalied supplement container

Your Personalized Supplement Regimen

How much iron, calcium, or vitamin D do you really need? Your genes set the foundation—so follow their lead and subscribe to a DNA-driven supplement program.

*After receiving your GenoPalate Analysis, enhance your experience with personalized supplements.

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Tap Into Your Genetic Code

Provide Your DNA
We Analyze Your DNA
Get Your DNA Nutrition Analysis
Eat For Your Genes

We decode your genes with the most comprehensive and secure genetic analysis on the market to discover which foods may help de-stress, focus, and energize you. Rest assured, the security of your DNA is our #1 priority.

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Meet Members Who Changed Their Lives With GenoPalate

These members of our GenoPalate community have changed their diets and their lives—see why they’re so excited to talk about it!

"I recommend GenoPalate because it takes the guess work out! I always eat chicken in lieu of beef because it is known to be healthier. I just found out that beef is actually better for me than chicken. Win-win"

Dina - Oneonta, AL

"I was in the dark about how much of the nutritional content that should make up my daily intake I had deficits in. It's important for every human being to be aware what is optimal for their nutrition."

Samuel - Holliston, MA

"I have always had issues eating the right nutritional foods as my taste buds want something not healthy and I am a very picky eater. Now with more understanding in mind I can discuss with my health professionals to find more ways for me to help myself."

Rosanne - Lancaster, PA

"One of the big reasons I finally did GenoPalate was because I wanted to know exactly what my body requires for nutrients and the best foods for my body. It’s given me great insight into exactly what my body needs. I couldn’t be happier."

Patrick - Carthage, NY

"I now know exactly what foods are most beneficial to me. If you are wanting an individualized assessment of food for your health, I highly, highly recommend this report!"

Jess - Alexandria, LA

"GenoPalate’s report and resources are easy to understand. I attended one of their live online sessions and found it helpful as well. The process of transferring my genetic data from 23andMe was well documented and was easy to execute."

Andy - Westlake Village, CA
Begin Your Health Story
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What If Your Genes Are Trying To Tell You Something?

Download a sample of what information will be included in your GenoPalate Analysis.

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Share The Greatest Wealth

Life’s true wealth lies in good health. And what better gift is there for the people you love most? When you purchase a GenoPalate Analysis for a friend or family member, you will be provided with instructions post purchase on how to send the gift, or you can even ship the GenoPalate kit directly to their door.

Give a Gift

Your DNA Can Make a Difference

Our ongoing research is revolutionizing how people eat. Help us study personalized nutrition. We invite you to opt in and contribute your non-identifiable DNA to the growing body of knowledge driving our understanding of food as medicine.

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Don't Ignore Your Genes

They Hold The Secret to Your Health

Ready to discover a healthier you? Order your analysis and use our app to learn how to eat for your genes.

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