Chat with a GenoPalate Registered Dietitian

Introducing Live Chat Support: Speak directly with a GenoPalate registered dietitian to navigate your personalized nutrition journey—from genetic insights to daily wellness solutions, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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Personalized Nutritional Supplements

Take your GenoPalate experience to the next level with our new protein and fiber supplement, precisely optimized to complement your unique genetic makeup.

Designed To Revolutionize Your Health

Formulated To Your DNA

Your unique genetic profile influences the formulation of your protein and fiber powder, recommended by our team of dietitians and scientists.

Quality Plant-based Ingredients

We only use the highest-quality, traceable citrus fiber and pea protein ingredients to create our powerful, vegan formula.

Easy To Use

Simply add our protein and fiber powder to your daily smoothie with foods from your GenoPalate optimal foods list.

Supports Your Health Goals

No matter your health goals, our nutritional supplements are designed to support your wellness journey.