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GenoBase - GenoPalate DNA Nutrition Test


Starting at $159

Unlock your genetic insights to begin your personalized nutrition journey. Through a comprehensive analysis, you’ll discover your individual, DNA-based needs so you can set the foundation for a healthier diet and lifestyle.

What's Included
  • Get a genetic-based, personalized nutrition analysis for an optimal diet
  • Uncover sensitivities to lactose, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol
  • Discover 100+ foods that work best for your DNA
  • Reveal genetic-based eating predispositions and stress responses

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GenoJump - GenoPalate DNA Nutrition Test


Starting at $259

Use your genetic insights to level up your health with DNA-based nutritional guidance. You’ll meet with a Registered Dietitian** to discuss your test results and actionable steps you can use to tackle your health and wellness goals.

What's Included
  • Everything in GenoBase
  • Initial 1-on-1 consultation with a Registered Dietitian** to help you analyze your results and learn how to integrate your report into your lifestyle
  • Together, talk about your weight, diet, exercise, hydration, and sleep goals

Most Comprehensive

GenoGo - GenoPalate DNA Nutrition Test


Starting at $379

Create a plan to achieve your health and wellness goals, and get the support you need to stick to it. You’ll partner with a Registered Dietitian** in a 4-week program where you’ll leverage your comprehensive DNA insights and receive personalized nutrition guidance.

What's Included
  • Everything in GenoJump
  • Three additional 1-on-1 follow-up sessions with a Registered Dietitian** (4 total)
  • Together, design and optimize a well-rounded, sustainable plan that can help you achieve your weight, diet, exercise, hydration, and sleep goals
  • Five personalized recipes to support your plan and health goals

*Existing DNA purchases require a DNA data file from either AncestryDNA (2016 or later) or 23andMe
**Our Registered Dietitians are fully licensed; however, some limitations exist in select states. Learn More

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Taking Your Health Further: Your DNA Is The Key

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The internet is saturated with many opinions about what you should and shouldn’t eat and how those choices will make you feel and look better. How are you supposed to know what qualifies as a reliable resource and what does not? Studies come out saying one diet is exactly what your body needs, only to be debunked a few short years later.

Trying to keep up with the overload of nutrition information can be confusing. How can you eat the best food for your body? It’s all about eating for your genes.

While decisions such as portions, exercise, and social activities can be adopted by anyone, there’s only one you.

Each person has a unique makeup that determines optimal choices for individual health, vitality, and well-being. Sustained behavioral change accompanied by more dialed-in criteria for the foods you eat – with your genetic code as a guide – can take you from good health to great health.

A Sneak Peek at Science Packed Information

A GenoPalate report will apply directly to YOU, based on the results of a DNA test. But for now, let's highlight a few of the different genetic variants present in different people and what they can do. Want to know more? Read the full blog post here.

Caffeine icon

Caffeine – CYP1A2 Gene

If you need your daily coffee or tea fix, you’ll want to know! The CYP1A2 gene is involved in the rate of caffeine metabolism. Certain genetic variants within this gene lead to a slower ability to clear caffeine from the body, while other variations have a faster ability.

Fatty foods icon

Total Fat – APOA5 Gene

The APOA5 gene is a member of a family of genes that make sure your body receives instructions for making the proteins that transport fats. This family of genes is always moving fats around to where they’re needed within the body. The constant movement to appropriate destinations is crucial to our internal processes.

Vitamin C icon

Vitamin C – SLC23A1 Gene

The SLC23A1 gene gives your body instructions for making one of two transporters essential for the absorption of vitamin C. Getting proper amounts of vitamin C is important for healing wounds, antioxidant activity, and immune function. If we detect a variant in your DNA sample linked to lower vitamin C blood levels, we may recommend a higher vitamin C intake.

From The GenoPalate Blog

Level Up Your Health

In addition to our free eBook, check out our blog for more tips about how to boost your health and well being with a science-based approach to nutrition. We’re adding new content all the time, so be sure to visit again. In the meantime, here are a couple that might inspire you:

Eggs on toast 3 min read

How Your Diet Affects Your Sleep and Life

There is a definite connection between sleep and how we digest and metabolize our food. Our diet and choices when it comes to food, also affects and helps regulate our circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm runs on a 24-hour cycle that our bodies follow every day. It helps keep our body's clock running properly and on time, keeping our bodily functions healthy and regular. This includes falling asleep at night, waking up, feeling hunger, and metabolizing the food that we eat. Read more

Eggs on toast 3 min read

Yes, Snacks Can Be Healthy

Many diets and lifestyles discourage snacking, insisting that it's merely empty calories and can't be a part of any healthy diet. However, that's just not true. As long as your snacks are made of whole, unprocessed ingredients and offer a balance of protein, fiber, and healthy fat, a snack can be a great source of energy that can keep us from overeating out of hunger at our next meal. Read more

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I just received my results from Genopalate. It told me what to eat & what I was sensitive to. Now I know how to optimize my health for the rest of my life. Love that I could also purchase vitamins designed just for my body & what it needs. I am very happy I now know what I need to stay healthy. Would highly recommend Genopalate to anyone.

-Rae B.


One of the big reasons I finally did GenoPalate was because I wanted to know exactly what my body requires for nutrients and the best foods for my body. It’s given me great insight into exactly what my body needs. I couldn’t be happier to have finally done GenoPalate and gotten to know myself on a genetic level.

-Patrick F.


I decided to try Genopalate and now I am glad that I did. I learned that I metabolize caffeine faster than others and that I am more sensitive to sugar than most people.There were other surprises that will be helpful in my search for a healthier life. Thank you Genopalate!

-Carla W.

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Get Personalized Nutrition Insights to Optimize Your Health

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Your Genetic Superfoods

  • Unlock the 100+ foods that are a match for your DNA-based nutrient needs
  • Includes 14 categories such as your top vegetables, meats, starches, and more
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Uncover Your Levels of Feel-Good Chemicals

  • Learn which brain signals may be affecting your mood, happiness, and anxiety
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Learn Your Triggers

  • See if your DNA is causing you to be more stressed during significant life changes
  • Find out how social stress may affect your mood
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Optimize Your Meal Timing

  • Find out the optimal time for you to eat breakfast
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Professional Guidance and Community Support

  • Every report includes a complementary group orientation with a registered dietitian and access to our private community forum
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Personalized Supplements, Based on Your Genes

  • Once you've received the results of your GenoPalate Analysis, you'll have access to your custom supplement formula
  • GenoPalate's custom supplement offering caters to your specific needs, uses high-quality ingredients your body can readily absorb, and eliminates a cabinet full of bottles
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From The GenoPalate Glossary

Atherosclerosis is a build-up of fatty plaques in the wall of the arteries made up of mainly cholesterol which causes narrowing of the arteries. Common contributing factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high levels of triglycerides - a specific type of fat found in our blood that’s made up of excess calories. Other causes of plaque build-up that can cause atherosclerosis include smoking, insulin resistance (often through diabetes), or inflammation. Read more

Essential fatty acids are the polyunsaturated fatty acids that the body cannot synthesise itself in sufficient quantities for physiological needs such as normal growth and cellular metabolism. Therefore, essential fatty acids must be consumed in the diet. There are 2 essential fatty acids; linoleic acid which is an omega-6 fatty acid and linolenic acid which is an omega-3 fatty acid. Read more

Ketones are molecules produced by the liver from the breakdown of fats that can be used by the body as a source of energy when there is not enough glucose to fuel the body. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body begins to break down fat to form molecules known as ketones to be used as fuel in the absence of sufficient glucose. Read more

The Paleo Diet concept originated in the early 2000’s and is a nutrition plan that focuses on eating in a similar style to how early humans may have eaten during the Paleolithic era, around 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. If you examine clinical trials that compare the Paleo diet to other eating plans and lifestyles, there may be some benefits to an individual’s overall health. To ensure that the Paleo diet remains healthy, those that follow it should be diligent about eating a wide variety of foods, not just the same limited selection. Read more

The GenoPalate Difference: The Evolving Science of Nutrition

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Expanding Knowledge Base

Here at GenoPalate, we’re on the forefront of genetics-based nutrition. As a member of our community, you’ll be kept informed about the latest learning and application of real science to this potent and growing field. Food as medicine is what we’re all about.



Yes, we’re scientists and researchers, but we break down the science into understandable bits to provide you with the information you need, all without reading a dissertation.

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With our customized reports, recipes tailored to your optimized nutrition, access to a GenoPalate dietitian, and our growing catalog of practical content, you’ll understand how to apply DNA-informed eating to your life.

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