How We Create Your Personalized Recipes

All recipes are hand-curated just for you by a GenoPalate registered dietitian.


Look at Your Preferences

When creating your personalized recipes, our dietitians will first look at the preferences you shared with us when purchasing your recipes. If you told us you don’t eat soy products, or you really don’t like kale, our dietitians will make sure to take that into account when creating your recipes!


Focus on Your Optimal Foods

Once we know your preferences, our dietitians then use your genetic results by looking at your optimal foods. Since your optimal food list is tailored to your nutrition recommendations, we make sure to focus on foods that match your genetic-based nutrient needs.


Check Against Your Onboarding Answers

Our dietitians also take into consideration your onboarding questions related to how adventurous you may be when it comes to food as well as your favorite types of cuisines. With all this in mind, we are able to provide you with either 5 or 10 recipes that are a mix of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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