Carbohydrates Provide Energy

Why do I need carbs?

Carbohydrates are found in almost every food with only a few exceptions such as meat and seafood. When digested, carbohydrates break down into glucose and provide the body with energy. In fact, glucose is the body's preferred fuel source, giving carbohydrates a very important role in the body.

Which carbs are best?

Not all carbohydrate containing foods within the grains and starches are created equal. Foods in this group that are higher in fiber, such as whole grains, give the body more benefit as they digest more slowly than their refined counterparts, such as white flour. 

How much do I need?

Much research has been done to determine the optimal amount of carbohydrate in the diet, however, the evidence is inconclusive. A limitation to these studies has often been the genetic variation between individuals. By looking at research that includes the influence of genetic variation, the ideal carbohydrate intake can be tailored to each individual.