Grocery Shop Like a Pro

Your food list includes the foods that best support your unique genetic profile. Today we're focusing on how to turn your GenoPalate food list into a five-star grocery list. Here are a few tips to help you save time and money while grocery shopping.

Meal plan at the beginning of the week

Meal planning simply involves deciding what you want to cook and eat for the coming week. Being prepared can help you create a great plan going into the week and prevent you from making multiple trips to the store. The reward for your effort is knowing you have food at home and a plan to prepare it.

Use your GenoPalate Food List to create your grocery list

A simple list will help you stay on track, prevent you from buying things you don't need and save you from wandering into every aisle trying to remember what you need.

Include a wide variety of foods

Eating a wide variety of foods provides a more diverse nutrition profile. A simple way to bring in a variety of foods is to pick from a few different food groups on your GenoPalate list. Try switching up the food groups you choose each week.

Shop the perimeter

In general, the foods on the outside perimeter of the grocery store are going to be those that are packed with more nutrients. This is where you will normally find whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and more. There are still some healthy foods buried in the aisles though, such as whole grains and frozen vegetables.

Avoid shopping when you're hungry

Usually shopping with a big appetite leads to purchasing a lot more food than we actually need. Having a snack before you head out can help you stick to your list.

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