Here's what you'll find inside your 

GenoPalate DNA Nutrition Analysis

Brush up on the basics

Ideal nutrient profile, based on you

Your results use peer-reviewed research in nutrigenetics to calculate your ideal intake for 23 nutrients based on your DNA. This includes whether you may benefit from a low, moderate, or high intake for macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and protein) as well as micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). 

These recommendations are designed to help you reach optimal health and prevent chronic disease.

Your food list

Finally, you’ll receive a personalized food list containing over 100 foods that best match your genetic-based nutrient needs. For example, if your genes suggest that you need high zinc and high vitamin B12 one of your suggested meats may be lean ground beef because it contains high amounts of zinc and B12. 

Your list will cover 16 different food categories including your top starches, leafy vegetables, meats, fruits, and many more. These options will make it easy for you to shop and eat for the foods healthiest for you.

Genetics 101

In this 101, we’ll walk you through some genes and DNA basics so you're best equipped to utilize the information in your personalized genetic nutrition analysis.

Nutrition 101

A simple guide to nutrition basics. It will help you best understand your nutrition analysis and empower you to make healthier choices at the grocery store.