What To Expect in Your Eating Insights Report

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Discover Your DNA-based Behaviors

  • Does Your DNA say you’re a late night snacker?
  • Learn if you’re likely to engage in emotional eating.

Learn About Your Cravings

  • See if your body has a greater tendency to crave fat, carbs, or sweets.

Unlock Your Unique Taste Preferences

  • Discover if you are uniquely sensitive to sweet or bitter flavors.

Optimize Your Health Through Better Meal Timing

  • Should you eat or skip breakfast? Find out the best time you should be eating.

*Available only with the purchase of the Essential Nutrition Report

Get Deeper Insights Into Your Eating Habits

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Some people prefer to graze, while others would rather feast. Learn if the hunger cues in your DNA encourage you to snack between meals.

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Emotional Eating

Do you tend to eat more when you’re in a bad mood? Your genes may be the culprit. See if you’re more likely to eat when stressed.

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Enjoy the robust flavors of foods that may help nourish your body and increase your energy.

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Taste Preferences

Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate? The answer may lie in your DNA. Discover your taste buds’ sensitivity to flavors like sweet or bitter.

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Breakfast Timing

Perfect your morning routine with an optimal breakfast time that’s informed by your genes.

Optimize Your Health and Happiness

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Pair with the Essential Nutrition Report

Learn to eat for your genes, anytime, anywhere.

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Our personalized recipes are created by a team of dietitians.

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Evidence-based, easy-to-absorb forumlas.

*Eating Insight Report is only available with purchase of the Essential Nutrition Report. One simple DNA test can reveal personalized nutrition, eating insights and more.

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