Personalize Your Grocery Shopping Experience

GenoPalate has teamed up with Earth Fare to tailor your shopping experience with personalized nutritional guidance based on your DNA. Shop at Earth Fare with confidence, choosing foods and prepared meals that perfectly align with your genetic needs.

Choose your DNA upload method

Personalized Nutrition Powered By Your DNA

Results delivered in 24 hours

Upload Your Existing DNA Data

Already have your DNA data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA? Upload your raw genetic data now to receive your personalized Essential Nutrition Report.

$159 $199  –  save $20!

Results delivered in 4-6 weeks

Order a DNA Collection Kit

New to DNA testing? Order our easy-to-use DNA Collection Kit, collect your sample at home, and send it back to our lab for analysis to receive your Essential Nutrition Report.

$179 $199  –  limited time only!

New! Ready-to-heat Healthy Meals

Discover the new, delicious GenoPalate prepared meals at Earth Fare, crafted by a GenoPalate dietitian. Find them in the cold case and deli to support your wellness journey with healthy weight management and enhanced athletic performance. Made fresh daily. Eat for your wellness!

Protecting your DNA data is our top priority

Your trust. Our responsibility.
100% Fairtrade Cocoa

Robust Data Protection

We employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect your genetic data. This includes advanced encryption technology and secure storage systems, ensuring that your information is guarded against unauthorized access.

Natural Ingredients

Strict Privacy Policies

We adhere to strict privacy policies, guaranteeing that your data is not shared without your explicit consent. Our approach to data privacy is transparent and user-centric, giving you control over your own genetic information.

100% Palm Oil Free

Ethical Standards

Our commitment to data protection is rooted in ethical standards that prioritize your privacy. We continuously update our practices to stay ahead of technological advancements and maintain the highest levels of data security.

Closed Process

Your Data, Your Rights

We believe in empowering you not only through personalized nutrition but also by respecting your rights to your data. You have the full right to access, amend, or delete your genetic information from our records at any time.

Watch Our Fresh Forum

Watch Dr. Sherry Zhang's appearance on Earth Fare's Fresh Forum to discover how GenoPalate uses your DNA for tailored nutrition advice. Watch to learn how to make informed food choices for better wellness.

The Food As Medicine Revolution

Introducing the innovative collaboration between GenoPalate and Earth Fare, where your genetic blueprint guides your diet. We marry our DNA-based nutrition insights with Earth Fare's wholesome food selections to revolutionize your eating habits.

Our Mission

We empower you with personalized dietary guidance based on your DNA. Shop at Earth Fare with a newfound perspective, choosing foods that align with your genetic nutritional needs.

The Difference

Move beyond generic diet advice. Your unique genetic makeup determines your ideal diet. With your DNA analysis and Earth Fare's quality foods, your grocery shopping becomes a tailored wellness journey.