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AncestryDNA Upload Instructions

Make uploading your AncestryDNA file easy by following our step-by-step guide or watching our YouTube walkthrough video below.

  1. Please visit 
  2. Login to your personal account with AncestryDNA. 
  3. Under the “DNA” tab, click YOUR DNA RESULTS SUMMARY. 
  4. Click SETTINGS. 
  5. On the right side, click DOWNLOAD RAW DNA DATA. 
  6. Enter your account password and click confirm. 
  7. You will receive an email (within an hour) when your DNA download is complete. 
  8. Open the email and click CONFIRM DATA DOWNLOAD. This will take you to a new page, “Download DNA Raw Data”.
  10. Double click the Zip folder to view the Raw Data Text File. 
  11. Save the .txt file to your computer. 
  12. Login to your GenoPalate account and click on the upload file icon.
  13. Select the AncestryDNA Raw Data Text File on your computer to upload it to your GenoPalate account.

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