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1-on-1 Consultation with a Registered Dietitian

Our registered dietitians would love to help you gain clarity on your foods list and further personalize your results to align with your health goals. Join a program and get started today!

What's Included in Your 1-on-1 Consultation?

30-minute video meeting 1-on-1 with an experienced registered dietitian

An in-depth review of your GenoPalate report

Learn how to integrate your DNA report into your current lifestyle or busy schedule

Create a personalized plan and action steps for reaching your goals

5 Reasons To Join Our GenoJump or GenoGo Programs

#1: To learn where to start
#2: To learn how to incorporate their GenoPalate report into everyday life
#3: To learn how to use their results by tying in lifestyle factors and preferences 
#4: To ask nutrition related questions and gain clarity 
#5: To understand their GenoPalate reports and create realistic steps that can help them achieve their health and wellness goals 

What Will You be Able to do After Your 1-on-1 Consultation?

  • Simplify your GenoPalate results and translate them into sustainable goals
  • Create actionable steps to include food recommendations into your diet
  • Feel empowered to make food decisions to better your health 
  • Navigate your reports with confidence

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Scope Of Practice

GenoPalate Registered Dietitians are excited to help you reach your goals. As a reminder, they are not part of your healthcare team, and all medical questions or concerns should be directed to your healthcare providers. Additionally, in order to stay compliant with individual state licensure regulations, customers living in certain states have some limitations, including but not limited to: using nutrition consults to diagnose or treat medical conditions, interpreting labs, recommending supplements, and giving specific nutritional advice beyond general evidence-based information. Your registered dietitian can, however, help you understand your analysis, provide general tips for healthy eating, empower you to overcome barriers, and achieve your goals. States without limitations include: AK, AZ, CA, CO, CT, HI, ID, IN, IL, MA, MI, NH, NY, OK, OR, PA, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, & WY

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