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 Mike Shows Us How He Eats For His Genes


Personal Nutrition Made Truly Personal

Each of our customers has their own story. GenoPalate personalizes your nutrition to you based on your genes.

The report has made me aware of the types of food my body needs more of.
— L.B.
I like that the report was able to pinpoint the foods I should eat according to my DNA profile.
— R.P.
I thoroughly enjoy the details about the vitamins, minerals, etc that you have a higher need for, as well as how your body metabolizes alcohol and such.
— S.S.
Overall, I loved the whole experience - quick, easy and informative. The layout of the report was great as it’s straightforward and comprehensive.
— A.B.
 The report revealed information that surprised me (in a good way) and ran counter to what I had been told my mainstream nutrition authorities.
— M.I.
The information provided regarding vitamins, minerals, and good food matches is extremely helpful.
— B.R.
I have told so many people about GenoPalate! I truly appreciate having more concrete information on what my body needs from nutrition.
— B.R.
I like that the report listed foods I wasn’t already aware of, or have eaten. I like to broaden my palate.
— M.D.

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