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How Heather’s DNA Gave Her Insights to Her Nutrition

A recent customer, Heather, took our GenoPalate test. 

When it comes to diets, I’ve tried them all. (And my husband has willingly and patiently gone along for the culinary ride.)

A vegetarian era

A little over a decade ago, I became a vegetarian. I was concerned with the state of factory farming and was convinced by what I read about the health benefits. After many years of building dishes around grains, legumes, and vegetables, I gave in. I went out to dinner one night and ordered a filet of wild salmon grilled on a cedar plank. I still remember that meal and the way my brain clicked into high gear, as did my energy level. Despite my best efforts and intentions, being a vegetarian just wasn’t right for me.

Paleo just didn’t work

Fast forward a few years to the paleo craze. I discovered after my stint as a vegetarian that my body definitely needed animal protein with each meal. But I struggled with the low-carb requirement. Contrary to what I had been reading, which emphatically stated restricting carbs was key to optimal health, I noticed that I actually felt better when I ate carbs. Again, I felt like I was missing the mark.

One-Size-Fits-All Diets Didn’t Work. Here’s What Did

Then I was presented with the opportunity to take the GenoPalate nutrition test. When I received my report, I breathed a sigh of relief. My observations about the way my body responded to certain foods were right on. In addition, my report provided me with several new insights and connected the “branches” of my family’s health tree.

My genes like carbs...

For example, according to my test, my body does well with carbs. I’ve found that eating lots of vegetables (I prefer cooked over raw), having a slice of toast in the morning, or sushi for lunch keeps my energy level steady throughout the day. It’s also become easier for me to maintain a healthy weight since I stay fuller longer.

...Except for sugar

In contrast, sugar in any form—from sugar in a cup of coffee to a bowl of fruit salad—doesn’t make me feel so great. I’ll feel that immediate rush of energy before I feel like I need a nap. And that just isn’t feasible when you’re running a business! Once I started avoiding foods high in sugar, and limiting my intake to fruits lower in sugar like blueberries and bananas, I felt my energy and hunger levels stabilize. My report confirmed this for me.

I learned something new

My low-sodium recommendation was an eye-opener for me. I have a family history of high blood pressure, so I do my best to exercise and keep my stress levels low. But I never really considered my sodium intake as part of the formula. My GenoPalate report honed in on my genetic predisposition to higher blood pressure. I’ve never been a big fan of processed or fast food, but now I am more mindful of how much salt I use when I cook. I never eat it raw (meaning I don’t add it to my food from the shaker on the table) and I’ve challenged myself to cook with other herbs and spices.

My body does fine with caffeine

Like most people, I work long hours and find that afternoon cup of tea or iced coffee gives me the boost I need to power through my day—and night! It works well for me. But it’s always been in the back of my mind that perhaps my love for caffeine is somehow harming my body. According to my DNA, I metabolize caffeine fast. This means when I drink it, I focus without getting jittery or anxious. Thank goodness!

I’ve found GenoPalate’s report and food list easy to understand and put into practice. But even more importantly, I’ve found that there is something very relaxing about being able to finally settle into a way of eating that aligns with my body. As I continue to make my way through the report and my food list, I continue to listen to my body, make adjustments, and trust that I’m doing my best to support my health.

Next up is for my husband to take the test so I can cook meals that will benefit us both. I’m thinking the GenoPalate nutrition test will make a great stocking stuffer!

Have you gotten your personalized nutrition recommendations yet? If not, order your report today! 


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