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GenoPalate Releases New Telenutrition Programs Focused on Personalized Nutrition


[Milwaukee, WI]: GenoPalate recently announced two new telenutrition programs, GenoJump and GenoGo. Both programs are 100% virtual, providing individualized nutrition information and guidance based on a customer’s DNA to help them reach their health goals. Within each program, customers partner with a registered dietitian in one-on-one sessions to create and optimize a personalized health plan based on their genetic insights.

GenoJump and GenoGo are currently available starting at $199 and $349, respectively. 

"I signed up for the program to seek help in understanding how my genetics can help me with weight management. Once I discovered my eating predispositions, my dietitian and I discussed ways I could discern being hungry versus boredom or stress-eating. I also learned how to eat healthier, given my food allergies. I’m glad I participated in the sessions and now feel I have the tools I need to help lose weight and maintain it," says Marivel, a GenoGo program participant.
Features and benefits of GenoJump and GenoGo include:

  • DNA-based nutrition analysis that uncovers specific nutrient requirements, genetic superfoods, eating predispositions, and sensitivities to lactose, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol
  • One-on-one consultations with a registered dietitian
  • Personalized DNA-based nutrition guidance 

About GenoPalate: GenoPalate is a data-driven nutritional intelligence company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. GenoPalate leverages its large and growing proprietary database of personalized nutrition and food behaviors to change how people make food choices for reaching and maintaining optimal health. Its mission is to use the power of personal nutrition to build a healthier and happier community.

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