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We stand by the science-based nutrition and research applied to our products to help our customers live healthier.

DNA Data Security

You control how your genetic information is used and with whom it is shared. Your data is never sold, leased, or rented without your consent.

CLIA Certified

We process samples using the highest possible quality generated in a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Certified Lab.

GenoPalate Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs With A Registered Dietitian

Partner with a GenoPalate Registered Dietitian in 1-on-1 virtual sessions to create and optimize a personalized health plan based on your genetic insights.

From weight management to overcoming health challenges, we're here to help you reach the best version of yourself!

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Sick of Food Fads? Personalize Your Nutrition Today

Break free from trendy diets with a sustainable solution powered by your very own DNA. Whether you already have your DNA test results or need a test kit, with GenoPalate, you'll be empowered to make informed dietary choices that enhance your wellness.

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What You'll Discover

  • Carrot, egg and vitamin icon A personalized nutrition analysis for an optimal diet
  • Cheese and wine iconFood sensitivities: gluten and lactose intolerance, alcohol, caffeine
  • Stressed woman iconYour eating predispositions and stress responses, supported by scientific studies

We're Here For You

  • Chat bubbles icon1:1 dietitian coaching for optimal health
  • Recipe book iconPersonalized, dietitian-tailored recipes to power your meal plans
  • Supplement bottleCustomized nutrition supplements
  • Simple integration with DNA testing companies AncestryDNA and 23andMe, or order a DNA test kit from GenoPalate

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Whether you are already fit and healthy or feeling less than your best, you can get inspired by these great endings. Will your story be next? Join over 140,000 members using their DNA to optimize their health.

Strategic Foods for Your DNA-Based Eating Style

Take the guesswork out of the foods you eat. Someone else's healthy food choices may not be best for your genotype. Your DNA sample and analysis results will uncover insights about your specific nutritional needs. You'll learn about the relationship between your genetic makeup, your food recommendations and:

Your Genetic Markers and Genetic Variants
Your Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein
Your Micronutrients: Vitamins and Minerals like Folate, Vitamin D, and many more
Dr. Sherry Zhang

A Message From Our Founder

Let's Unlock Your Genetic Mysteries Together

I still vividly remember how the idea of GenoPalate planted its seed in my mind and heart. One morning, I was in the lab reviewing some exciting genomic sequencing results just coming out of the "oven." We identified an obesity gene that could tell us if people were at higher risks for gaining weight. That day, I got the "itch" that I could create a DNA nutrition test to help people learn about their biology so they could make better health decisions.

I developed a number of technologies that enabled us to research genetic variations in the human genome responsible for all kinds of individual characteristics that affect the quality of life and health. My knowledge of how human genomics influences people's food metabolism eventually became the proprietary genetic testing technology that powers GenoPalate. With it, we translate people's DNA into personal needs for nutrition and metabolic health.

-Sherry Zhang, PhD-Molecular Biology, Founder and CEO of GenoPalate

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