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Our analysis of your genes is the most comprehensive on the market. The safety of your information is of utmost importance to us.

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What To Expect

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Nutrition for Your Genes

Your Essential Nutrition Report will disclose what makes you tick, what fuels you, and what slows you down. Discover:

  • Your optimal macronutrient mix to set the foundation for a healthy diet
  • What amount of each micronutrient your body may benefit from the most
  • Which 100+ foods are the best match for your nutritional needs

*Your macronutrient mix is based on your genetic insights, and does not currently take into account any diagnosed health conditions that you may have.

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Understand Your Sensitivities and Substance Metabolism

Discover how your body reacts to substances including alcohol, gluten, caffeine, lactose.

Use this information to make well informed decisions that may improve your day-to-day well-being.

*A genetic test can’t diagnose food allergies

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Eat For Your Genes Anytime, Anywhere

At the grocery store and can't decide between brussel sprouts and broccoli? Take the guesswork out of shopping and eating - the answer is at your fingertips with the GenoPalate app. Your DNA nutrition information is available 24/7 and accessible from any location.

Level Up Your Health and Happiness

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Let your DNA driven nutrition report guide you to wellness—anytime and anywhere!

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Discover how delicious optimal nutrition can be with our time-tested recipes.

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Start taking supplements customized for your genes.

Happy Customers Tell Their Stories

Whether they start off fit and healthy or feeling less than their best, these GenoPalate success stories all have happy endings. Will yours be next?

A friend and I have been having a lot of dietary discussions, and I recommended GenoPalate. She loved reading over her results and it’s so interesting how they were different from mine. I spent a good 20 minutes just comparing the two to look over the similarities and differences.

-Allison - Reading, PA

We spend our hard earned money on a wide variety of products and services— some useful, some impulsive — so its hard NOT to highly recommend this service enough — where you can get a unique, tailored blueprint/guide to optimize your health and life!

-Joe - Sharpsburg GA

GenoPalate helped answer what foods I need. I was pleased to see the recommended foods for me were already foods I eat regularly and prefer. I’d recommend GenoPalate (and already have!) because it’s easy to read and has interesting information.

-Jenna - Reno, NV

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Our team at GenoPalate has developed the most thorough DNA nutrition test on the market. It's our mission to use the power of personalized nutrition to build a healthier and happier community.

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