Walkthroughs & FAQs

GenoPalate App Walkthrough

In this video, we show you how to discover all of the insights in your GenoPalate Analysis, and how to navigate the mobile app with confidence.

What does the research say about your genes?

This video digs into the science behind your genes and how research studies support improved health outcomes in people with different genetic variants.

How was Your Analysis Personalized to You?

Wondering what makes your GenoPalate Analysis unique? In this video, we cover how your genes were analyzed and compared to research studies in order to provide you with your personalized nutrition recommendations and optimal foods.

How was your My Foods list created for you?

Are you wondering why and how certain foods were selected for you? Watch this video to find out!

Why are certain "healthy" foods not on your list?

This video talks through why certain foods made it on your optimal foods list, as well as why certain ones did not.

Top 4 Ways to Put Your Analysis into Action

If you just got your GenoPalate Analysis back and you're wondering how to put your results into action, don't worry, we’ve got four tips for you on how to put your GenoPalate analysis into your everyday life.