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Earth Fare and GenoPalate Forge Groundbreaking Collaboration, Paving the Way for Genetic Personalization in the Grocery Sector

Revolutionizing Grocery Shopping with Personalized Nutrition and Wellness Insights

MILWAUKEE, WI (January 16, 2024) -- GenoPalate, an industry leader in personalized nutrition science announced today that it has selected Earth Fare, the clean grocery store committed to offering healthy and sustainable food choices, as its first grocer retail partner. Together, the brands are spearheading a wellness revolution in the grocery industry by harnessing the power of biomarkers, proprietary algorithms, and extensive databases to offer personalized nutrition for shoppers.

GenoPalate leverages users’ genetic, phenotypic, and behavioral information to generate personalized Essential Nutrition Reports, which lay a foundation for customers to understand their nutritional needs. Starting this month, Earth Fare customers within all 18 locations can scan a QR code within the wellness department to order an Essential Nutrition Report. They may choose to upload their existing raw genetic data or use GenoPalate’s at-home DNA Collection Kit. The pioneering collaboration bridges the critical divide between acquiring knowledge about optimal nutrition and gaining access to the high-quality food necessary for its integration into an individual’s diet.

"Aligning with Earth Fare's commitment to wellness, our partnership with GenoPalate is transformative for grocery retail, offering personalized nutrition," said Henry Kugler, COO of Earth Fare. "This collaboration enables us to provide customers with dietary choices tailored to their genetic makeup, integrating GenoPalate's insights with our quality ingredients for a unique wellness journey, enhancing wellness through informed food choices."

GenoPalate and Earth Fare share a foundational belief that food is medicine. Leveraging proprietary algorithms informed by more than 150 unique biomarkers, GenoPalate has provided more than 170,000 members with key insights into their wellness. Members may also access custom-formula vitamins and supplements, one-on-one dietitian coaching sessions, and recipe packs.

Earth Fare’s mission to improve shoppers’ wellness through food began in 1975 when founder Roger Derrough envisioned a store where shoppers could select items confidently without scrutinizing labels for harmful additives. This philosophy evolved into the company’s Boot List, a comprehensive list of hundreds of chemicals and additives known to contribute to diseases and other health conditions that won’t be found in Earth Fare stores.

“Earth Fare’s core belief is that healthy food should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, and we work tirelessly each day to remove the myriad barriers that sometimes prevent shoppers from achieving optimal nutrition,” said Henry Kugler, COO of Earth Fare. “This partnership is so groundbreaking because just a quick, in-aisle scan puts our shoppers on the path to unlocking priceless information about how their genetic makeup affects their nutritional needs, which is a complete mystery for far too many people.”

As the partnership continues to evolve, plans are underway to sell GenoPalate’s soon-to-launch nutritional supplements at Earth Fare locations and provide personalized meal kits for in-store pickup.

“The more people learn about the science behind their individual wellness journey, the more informed choices they can make, and the more we learn about the crucial intersection between a person’s unique genetic makeup and their optimal food choices,” says Asif Naseem, CEO of GenoPalate. “This knowledge is critical to uncovering breakthroughs that can revolutionize our wellness.”

Explore GenoPalate’s commitment to redefining nutrition through genetic understanding at

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About GenoPalate:

GenoPalate, the leading US genomic nutrition platform since its inception in 2016, transforms personal wellness by translating individual genetics into actionable nutritional guidance. Built on years of analyzing clinical trials and nutrigenetic studies, their DNA nutrition reports uncover an individual’s ideal nutrient needs, possible sensitivities, stress responses, eating behaviors, and recommend over 100 optimal foods. By offering custom-formulated supplements and personalized dietitian coaching, GenoPalate empowers its members to achieve their wellness goals.

About Earth Fare:

Earth Fare is the leading natural and organic grocery store in the Midwest and Southeast, with more than 18 locations in seven states. Led by its pioneering Boot List, Earth Fare is the only grocery market to develop a Food Philosophy that bans all artificial ingredients, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and added hormones and antibiotics.
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