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Why Healthy Eating Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

One of the earliest things that we learn as children is that everyone is different. So, if this is true, why do we treat something as important as healthy eating as a one-size-fits-all experience?


There are so many types of food out there, and something that is helpful to one person in their quest towards a healthier lifestyle may not work as well for someone else. Thanks to ongoing research, we’ve come to realize that nutrition is much more personalized than we previously thought. This new approach has alternately been called both personalized nutrition and precision nutrition.


Essentially, personalized nutrition seeks to improve our diet by using information gleaned from our unique genetic makeup. Personalized nutrition is the understanding that we each have a distinct set of needs and that we may all have a different response to various foods and nutrients. Therefore, the best diet for one person may be different for another. 


Today, we’ll explore how personalized nutrition works and why it’s so important if you’re looking for a better way to eat healthily. 


How Personalized Nutrition Works


Personalized nutrition starts with a simple genome test, which identifies the genetic variants that are unique to you. This is done through a swab DNA test, so it’s easy and painless. After you send in your swab, your sample is processed so that the DNA can be isolated from the rest of the cellular material.


From there, this genetic information is used to generate actionable recommendations based on the genetic variants found within your DNA. Some of the information that these recommendations will consider include:


  • Your sensitivity towards certain substances like lactose, gluten, alcohol, or caffeine
  • How your body processes different micronutrients and macronutrients 
  • Whether you're more sensitive to tastes like bitter, sweet, or umami
These recommendations and guidance can lead to the creation of a diet or eating plan that is completely tailored to your needs, which will be much more effective and easier to follow than one that was created without your individual needs in mind.


Why Personalized Nutrition Is So Important


Many doctors, nutritionists, and researchers are excited by the prospect of personalized nutrition because of its potential to offer improved outcomes in the domains of public health as well as our general knowledge of eating and nutrition.  


However, on an individual level, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to personalized nutrition. Here are a few of the most important benefits you should be aware of.


1. It’s easier to stick to a healthy diet

When you sign up for a GenoPalate genomic nutrition test, you’ll receive a list of foods that are beneficial for your unique genetic makeup. This doesn’t preclude you from eating other foods, but it does give you actionable tips on how to eat in a way that’s more helpful for your body. 

Having a list of foods that you can eat makes it easier to plan meals, or even just pick up a healthy snack on the go.


2. Increased cognitive function

There are lots of foods that can boost cognitive function, but how do you know which are best for your particular genetic makeup? After you take one of our dietary DNA tests, we can give you a list of foods with brain benefits that will work best for your body.  


3. Reduced risk of chronic diseases

Eating a balanced diet of whole foods helps your body in several ways. One of the primary ways that it helps is by boosting the health of your gut microbiome, which is one of the main ways the body builds up the necessary immunity and strength to fight diseases.


By keeping the gut healthier and our nutrient intake balanced, we can promote a stronger body overall, including critical organs like our brain and heart.


Explore GenoPalate DNA Testing for Weight Loss and More

If you’re trying to figure out what foods can support your weight management, boost your immune health, or just find an easier way to eat healthily, GenoPalate is a great choice for you. We offer a myriad of different reports based on just one set of DNA data, so you don’t have to keep re-taking the same test over and over again.


These reports offer insights on foods that work best for your body, and can also give you information on how your genes influence everything from cravings and eating habits to stress and so much more.


With a simple click, it’s easy to get started today.


Which Foods Are Best For Your DNA?

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