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Transform the way you eat through the analysis of your DNA


Purchase Kit

  1. Order your DNA Test Kit.*
  2. Spit in the tube we send you.
  3. Send that spit tube back to us.

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DNA Magic

  1. We receive your spit and process your DNA.
  2. We analyze your DNA against 38 biomarkers and 131 data dimensions linked to health and diet.
  3. We create a custom report unique to your DNA.

Get Results

  1. Review your report.
  2. Start making changes to your diet based on your DNA.
  3. Live a better life!



My Chinese grandma was a brilliant cook and said a person that eats right can live a life free of disease. Today I cannot agree with her more. We provide people personalized nutrition solutions compatible with their biology, to help them live their strongest.

-Sherry Zhang