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Eat For Your Genes


You are unique.
Your food should be too.

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DNA Collection Kit

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Order your DNA test kit to start Eating For Your Genes. We combine your genetic results with thousands of nutritional variables to help you eat smarter. Click here to learn more.

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Already have your DNA?

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Great! Already having your genetic results from 23andMe or AncestryDNA puts you one step closer to Eating For Your Genes. Click here to learn more.

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Your GenoPalate Report


Gain knowledge about your genetic profile, learn about your recommended nutrient levels and discover what foods you would benefit from eating more of.

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Don't Have Your DNA? We have a DNA Kit waiting for you!


After Your Have Your DNA Report...

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Meal Packages

Simple and appetizing meals, built just for you! Take the work out of meal planning. Let our chefs curate meals for you from your personalized food recommendations.


Coaching Program

What will you gain by making a habit of eating for your genes? Rooted in the new knowledge you have about yourself and your genes, our trained coaches and registered dietitians help you transform this knowledge into actionable behaviors.

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