Genome Sequencing and Nutritional Analysis

Genome Sequencing and Nutritional Analysis


The GenoPalate Personal Nutrition DNA test provides you the most comprehensively curated nutrigenetic tools and services ever created in the market.  We are excited to help you transform your life through the power of mindful, informed eating.  We blindly face food choices every day, and many of us might be eating foods that our bodies are not designed to process.  This could lead to preventable health complications.

GenoPalate's DNA analysis test will provide you with key biological insights to guide you towards a healthier life.  Our test involves a non-invasive, easy collection of saliva to interpret your genetic data - only a few spits is all we need to isolate and analyze over 30 genetic markers!  Your information will always be safely stored to the highest privacy standards.

In just 3-4 weeks, you will receive your first personalized, detailed food map based on your fabulous genetic information that makes your metabolism unique!  When you become a member of the GenoPalate community we continue to work with you: helping you understand your results, directing you toward better food choices, and always keeping you informed on the latest research in the nutrigenomics field.  It's our dream to build meaningful relationships with our clients and to walk with them on their journey towards a more conscious, healthful life. Whats more as our valued customer when we discover more biomarkers from the ever growing science database we will continue to update you with the most relevant nutrition solutions.

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