Report FAQs


What will I get in my report? +

Your GenoPalate report includes your results for important genetic variants related to nutrition, your recommended intake level of key macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as a list of "Your Foods". These 60+ foods represent those items that you would benefit from eating more of based on your genetic results. Now you can walk into a grocery store with the power of information about yourself to make smarter decision to eat healthier.

How long will it take for me to get my report? +

If you purchased the product with pre-existing DNA data, we will have your results ready within 2-4 weeks of purchase. If you purchased the product without pre-existing DNA data, we will have your results ready within 4-6 weeks of purchase.

How many food recommendations will I receive in my report? +

Your report will contain all major food groups, broken down into subcategories of similar nutrition profiles. We then recommend 3-7 foods in each category that best match your genotype, giving you over 60 unique food recommendations.

Can I purchase the report as a gift? +

To purchase GenoPalate as a gift, you simply enter the shipping information according to where you would like your gift sent and give your product code to the receiver of the gift so they are able to make a GenoPalate account.