What To Expect in Your Stress Insights Report

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Uncover Your Triggers

  • Find out if your DNA is causing you more stress during significant life changes
  • See how social stress may affect your mood

Learn if Stress is Disrupting Your Sleep

  • Understand if stress is impacting your sleep and what you can do about it

Understand What Foods Can Boost Your Mood

  • Learn how nutrients and hormones like folate and cortisol could be impacting your mood

Discover Your Levels of Feel-Good Chemicals

  • Learn which brain signals may be affecting your mood, happiness, and anxiety

*Available only with the purchase of the Essential Nutrition Report

Learn How Your Body Reacts to Stress

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Trigger Responses

Did you know your genes play a role in your response to stress and that nutrition can help?

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Sleep Responses

Stress and poor sleep can be a vicious cycle. Learn how to manage it better with insights into your DNA.

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Mood-Boosting Factors

Pinpointing what’s causing your stress can be tricky. Knowing how to relieve it can be even more challenging. Smart nutrition can help.

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Brain Responses

Get personalized tips that teach you how eating smarter can improve more than just your physical well-being.

Optimize Your Health and Happiness

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Pair with the Essential Nutrition Report

Learn to eat for your genes, anytime, anywhere.

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Order Your Personalized Recipes

Our personalized recipes are created by a team of dietitians.

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Evidence-based, easy-to-absorb forumlas.

*Stress Insights Report is only available with purchase of the Essential Nutrition Report. One simple DNA test can reveal personalized nutrition, stress insights and more.

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