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How We Secure Your Data

We have implemented appropriate security practices to prevent unauthorized access to and disclosure of customer information, maintain data accuracy, ensure the appropriate use of information, and otherwise safeguard your information, including industry standard encryption methods.

If You Purchase Our DNA Collection Kit
  • Your DNA sample is secure when you mail it to us because there is no personally identifiable information attached to the kit itself.
  • Your DNA sample is de-identified when it reaches our lab and your personal and registration information is stored separately from any genetic information.
  • Your DNA data is then encrypted and transferred by our lab to generate your essential nutrition report. This direct transfer of your data remains de-identified, involves no third parties, and is encrypted at all times.
  • If you choose not to opt-in to biobanking, your DNA sample is destroyed after it is analyzed.

Whether you use our DNA collection kit or upload your existing DNA data file from AncestryDNA or 23andMe, your DNA data is stripped of personal details (like your name and contact information) so that you cannot be identified as an individual in our system.

Scientist and DNA Security

What You Can do to Keep Your Data Secure

It's also important for you to take appropriate measures to protect your personal information. We ask you to be responsible for safeguarding your account password and other authentication information you use with GenoPalate. In addition, below are some examples of steps you can take to help keep your information secure.

Person at keyboard holding phone with security icons
If You Have Existing DNA Data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA

When downloading your existing DNA data file, you may encounter a warning that your data will be unprotected. To ensure your data is safe after downloading your existing DNA data file, please take these steps:

  • Never download your data on a shared computer or workstation
  • Never download your data on an unsecured wireless network
  • After you upload your DNA data to our system, delete the .zip and/or .txt files you downloaded from your computer
  • Rest assured, we secure your data immediately upon upload to our system.
Personal Security and Privacy Best Practices
  • Do not share passwords between multiple online accounts
  • Do not share your username and password to your GenoPalate account with anyone
  • Lock your device with a PIN or password - and never leave it unprotected in public


We will not transfer your personal information to any third party or share with a third party for research purposes without your explicit consent. However, we do use and share de-identified and aggregated information with third parties in order to perform business development, initiate research, send you marketing emails, and improve our services.

Aggregated information is de-identified so that personal details such as your name and contact information are removed and combined with the information of others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want my DNA data deleted?

You can email us at and we will assist you with this.

Is the existing DNA data upload secure?

Yes, our uploading process is SSL encrypted and we secure your data immediately. We also encrypt all personal information, including DNA data, at rest in your GenoPalate online account.

If I opt-in to biobanking, where do you store my DNA sample?

We will securely store your DNA sample at our Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified and College of American Pathology (CAP)-accredited laboratory.

More Information

If you have any further questions about the ways in which we use or disclose your information, feel free to email us at You can always reference our privacy statement and our terms of service for more specific details.

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