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People preparing recipes geared to their personalized genetic nutrition plan.

Genetic Health Testing

Optimize and Personalize Your Wellness With Our DNA Nutrition Test

Discover which nutrients you need more or less of and how to put that into practice with the GenoPalate DNA nutrition test. Then stop guessing and start eating for your genes!

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Simplified DNA Testing

Send Your Collected DNA to Our Lab
We Analyze Your DNA
Receive Your Report(s)
Begin Your Personalized Nutrition Journey

The security of your DNA is our top priority. Our analysis of your genes is one of the most comprehensive on the market.

(Already have DNA data from AncestryDNA or 23andme? Great! Our team can analyze it to provide your GenoPalate Essential Nutrition Report. Start the process here.)

What To Expect

GenoPalate app screenshot of protein and micros screens

Nutrition for Your Genes

You’re about to discover why all those wellness fads and extreme diets just don’t work. With the recommendations we provide based on our analysis of your DNA nutrition test, you’ll discover:

  • The best foods for you based on your genes
  • Your recommended daily vitamin and mineral intake
  • Your ideal macronutrient ranges and why they may be different than what you expect
GenoPalate app screenshot of sensitivities and substances screen

Understand Your Sensitivities and Substance Metabolism

Your Essential Nutrition Report will detect your body’s likely tolerance for substances like alcohol, gluten, caffeine, and lactose.

*A genetic test can’t diagnose food allergies

GenoPalate app screenshot of Optimal Foods and Brussels Sprout screens

Eat For Your Genes Anytime, Anywhere

Ordering takout and can't decide between the chicken or the beef? Take the guesswork out of ordering and eating - the answer is at your fingertips with the GenoPalate app. Your genetic information never sleeps - you can access it from any location 24/7.

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Enhance Your Health and Happiness

Use Our Handy Mobile App

Eat for your genes anytime, anywhere.

Order Your Personalized Recipes

Tastebud-tested recipes inspired by your genetic code.

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Evidence-based, easy-to-absorb formulas.

Amazing Things Happen When You Listen to Your Genes

Here’s how other customers have used their DNA nutrition test to write their own health success story.

A friend and I have been having a lot of dietary discussions, and I recommended GenoPalate. She loved reading over her results and it’s so interesting how they were different from mine. I spent a good 20 minutes just comparing the two to look over the similarities and differences.

Allison - Reading, PA

We spend our hard earned money on a wide variety of products and services— some useful, some impulsive — so its hard NOT to highly recommend this service enough — where you can get a unique, tailored blueprint/guide to optimize your health and life!

Joe - Sharpsburg GA

GenoPalate helped answer what foods I need. I was pleased to see the recommended foods for me were already foods I eat regularly and prefer. I’d recommend GenoPalate (and already have!) because it’s easy to read and has interesting information.

Jenna - Reno, NV
Begin Your Health Story
GenoPalate app screenshot of MTHFR gene

We Lead With Science

Just because we’ve developed the most robust DNA nutrition test on the market doesn’t mean we’ve stopped innovating. Our research continues to ensure that you’re getting next-generation knowledge every time you open the GenoPalate app.

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