New Year, New You

A look at GenoPalate's newest personalized products, designed to promote a healthier, happier you.


30 Minute Consultation with a GenoPalate Specialist

When reading through your Personalized Nutritional Guide, you may find yourself questioning what some of the things listed mean and how you can improve on those areas. Schedule a 30 Minute Consultation with our founder, Dr. Sherry Zhang, or with a trained GenoPalate specialist to help understand your results and make a goal for yourself!

Personalized Shopping List Based on Your GenoPalate Report

Now that you have your Personalized Nutritional Guide from us, you may be wondering: what's next? A great next step would be to get a Personalized Shopping List from us. We will take your results from your Guide and curate a Grocery List that consists of: foods to eat everyday, in moderation, and to avoid overall. This will really benefit you on the road to a new and better you!

Personalized 7-Day Meal Plan Based on Your GenoPalate Report

Have you received your Personalized Nutritional Guide from us and want to improve on the suggestions our Guide has given you? Getting a 7-Day Meal Plan will not only take the pressure off of what to eat, but will also take away of the pressure of meal prepping and planning! We will provide you with 21 meals, 3 meals a day, for 7 days based off of your genetic makeup.

GenoPalate Concierge Wellness Program – 7, 14, or 21 Days

At GenoPalate, we offer a Concierge Wellness Program where you will be paired with one our Nutritional Coaches for whichever length you choose: 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days. Throughout this time, you will connect with your Coach daily to provide your everyday meals, snacks, and activities to work toward a goal you have made for yourself.