"Based on my DNA, for instance, I should be chomping daily on raspberries and turnip greens."


“Genopalate analyzes a client’s genome and offers personalized recommendations about what a person should eat or drink”


“The DNA is analyzed and the consumers receive a report about their individual nutrition needs.”


"This exciting field is poised to become the future of dietetics."


"Nutritional genomics is the foundation for personalized nutrition in which environmental factors, such as dietary and lifestyle choices, can be specifically tailored to meet an individual's needs with the goal of promoting optimal health, minimizing disease and, ultimately, maximizing genetic potential."


“Understanding the connections between diet and genetics means that we might no longer have to play this guessing game every single time we try out a new food or eating pattern.”


“But it is now possible to assess your genes related to your individual characteristics of processing foods like caffeine, vitamin C, saturated fats, gluten, sodium, and omega-3 fatty acids. With this information, you can then make food choices that might favor your DNA makeup.”