Genetics FAQs

What is the science behind GenoPalate? +

We analyze over 75 genetic markers that influence how your body metabolizes different nutrients. We then combine your genetic results with research on nutritional genomics to determine your recommended intake level for carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. We base your recommendations on evidence-based research correlating your genetic variants with nutrition that’s shown positive health outcomes. We also provide insights on your sensitivity to lactose and gluten, and your metabolic rate of caffeine and alcohol.

How do you make the connection between my genes and nutrition recommendations? +

GenoPalate uses evidence-based research from high-impact clinical trials and studies of nutritional and health outcomes genomics to form our recommendations. From these scientific conclusions, we recommend the foods that have the highest amount of nutrients that your genotypes have shown to benefit from.

What is a genotype? +

You have two copies of each gene, one from your mom and one from your dad. Your genotype refers to the two nucleotides (A, C, G, or T) found at the same location on each copy of a gene.

What is the process of providing my DNA information? +

We collect a saliva sample using an FDA approved test tube to gather your DNA information. After purchasing, you will receive a kit with everything you need for the sample collection.

What happens to my sample at the lab? +

Our lab, which is certified by the Clinical Laboratory Information Amendment (CLIA), extracts the DNA from your saliva. Your DNA then goes onto what’s called a microarray. This array reveals your genotype for nutrition-related biomarkers, which we analyze in order to get your personal nutrition recommendations.

Nutrition FAQs

What nutritional insights will the report provide me? +

Your GenoPalate report will provide insights into your recommended macronutrient (carbohydrates, protein and fat) intake and micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) intake. You will also receive “Your Foods” which includes a list of over 85 foods that you may benefit from eating more of, based on your genetic results.

Can this report detect my food allergies? +

There are no genetic assays for detecting food allergies through DNA. This is due to food allergies, such as egg, peanut, shellfish, etc., not being caused by genetic variants, but instead caused by live, autoimmune factors. Although some allergies are genetic, they are genetic in the immune system rather than in the actual DNA.

I struggle with my weight, can GenoPalate help with this? +

Because weight is influenced by a number of factors, GenoPalate cannot guarantee weight loss. We provide you with nutrition and food recommendations, based on your genes, to help you eat better for a healthier life.

I’m a diabetic, can I still use GenoPalate’s product? +

To ensure that science and your DNA data is the core of our product, your food recommendations are based on your genetic data and are not altered by any dietary plans you may currently follow. We encourage you to incorporate GenoPalate’s product along with recommendations from your healthcare team.