Menu FAQs

How do you make the menus? +

Our chefs build simple and appetizing meals with the foods recommended to you based on your genes.

Do you account for food restrictions/preferences when curating meals? +

When you purchase your menus, you will have the option to choose a menu that is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free.

Do I have to make another account to receive meal packages? +

You will use the same account that you set up when purchasing your DNA report.

Will the meals be quick and easy to prepare? +

Our goal is to build you simple meals so that you can easily Eat For Your Genes.

How and when will I receive the menus? +

You can view your menus at your GenoPalate account. You will receive an email when your menus are ready, which will be within one to two weeks of purchase.

What’s the difference between family menus and other menus? +

Family menus combine the DNA data from all members of your group to make menus that are suitable for everyone’s genes.


Coaching FAQs

When will the program start? +

After purchasing the habit building program, you will receive an email that prompts you to sign up with Healthie, the communication platform that you will use throughout the program. Once you have registered with Healthie, your coach will contact you to begin your program.

What will I receive through this program? +

Some of the benefits of joining the Habit Building Program are receiving one-on-one coaching, exclusive video content, a complimentary personalized menu, cooking strategies for your recommended foods and support for making a habit of eating for your genes.

How will I communicate with my coach? +

Communication between you and your coach will be done through a communication platform called Healthie. You will have the option of phone calls, video chatting and text messaging with your coach.

What can I expect from my first coaching call? +

Your first coaching call will give you the opportunity to get to know your coach, ask any questions and discuss goals that are important to you. Your coach will also get you started on your first week!