General FAQs


How long will it take for my kit to arrive? +

You will receive your kit within 1-2 weeks of purchasing your Genopalate report.

What is the process for providing my DNA information? +

We collect a saliva sample to gather DNA information. When you receive your kit from GenoPalate, we provide clear and simple instructions to assist you.

Can I purchase GenoPalate as a gift? +

To purchase GenoPalate as a gift, you simply enter the shipping information according to where you would like your gift sent and give your product code to the receiver of the gift so they are able to make a GenoPalate account.

I bought the product for myself and one or multiple family members. Do we each need to make an account? +

For the purpose of differentiating your DNA data and products, you will each need to make an account with your email and the product code.

Should I use the same email to purchase the product and purchase the Habit Building Program or Personalized Menus? +

Yes. Without the same email, we are unable to use your GenoPalate results for the Habit Building Program and Personalized Menus.