Data Privacy FAQ


What parameters have been put in place to protect and secure my DNA data? +

Your DNA is completely de-identified and encrypted in our database. This means that no outside affiliate can get to your DNA and that your personal information has been unattached from your DNA.

What happens to my DNA after my report is generated? +

Your genetic material is carefully disposed of after it has been used to generate your report. Our lab handles this in compliance with CLIA standards.

What can I do to keep my account safe? +

We ask you to be responsible for safeguarding your password and other authentication information you use with GenoPalate.

Is the existing genetic data upload secure? +

Our upload is SSL encrypted, keeping your file private and integral.

How do you use my existing genetic data? +

Your DNA is analyzed on what is called a microarray. These arrays measure hundreds of thousands of genetic variants. Companies then analyze the variants specific to the product that they are offering. At GenoPalate, we analyze the variants that relate to nutrition.

Where can I get more information on GenoPalate’s privacy and security policies? +

You can take a look at our privacy and security highlights [here.]