A Client Testimonial: Deb


I was intrigued when I read an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about a new startup company called GenoPalate. After learning more, I decided that their offer of personalized nutrition advice, based on Dr. Sherry Zhang’s genetic research, was too good to pass up. Since I’d already done saliva DNA testing through 23andme, I simply emailed them my DNA genome and provided some basic health information.

After analyzing my DNA, the GenoPalate team provided me with a set of personalized nutritional recommendations, a very useful “grocery shopping list” and more. It seems that even though I have a normal BMI and am in good health, I still have several diet related risk factors that could play out in the future. The good news is that I can decrease all these risk factors by making simple changes in what I eat... And GenoPalate gave me the tools to do just that. Any questions I had about the recommendations were answered in a helpful follow-up phone consult with Sherry. I look forward to optimizing my health through GenoPalate's reccomended changes in my diet.

Yi Zhang