Shift Happens

When doctors told Emily Shaules that she had developed fibromyalgia at the age of 25, she faced a dark and uncertain future. Faced with the prospect of a life of indefinite pain and constant medication, Emily did what was, in her mind, her only option:

She shifted.


Emily Shaules is the founder of Shift Bars, the world’s first organic energy bar with only 1 gram of sugar. Emily’s instinct to delve into the Shift Bars project demonstrates not only her passion for helping others transform their lives through the power of healthy eating and positive behavior change, but also serves as a symbol of her own personal journey towards achieving optimum health and wellness.

Emily was always interested in figuring out the best food for her body, and no blueprint is more clear than the information provided in your DNA. Earlier this year, at an informal conference on applying forward-thinking techniques to holistic wellness healthcare and healthy living, Emily met Sherry Zhang, a Ph.D. scientist in the life sciences and expert in genes and metabolic health. Sherry is the founder of GenoPalate, a personal nutrition company that uses its own proprietary algorithms to read a person’s DNA and translate the relevant code into actionable nutrition recommendations.

Although coming from distinct professional backgrounds, Emily and Sherry shared surprisingly similar passions for helping people discover their path to optimal wellness. Emily was thrilled by what the GenoPalate DNA test could offer her and ordered her GenoPalate Personal Nutrition Analysis soon after she returned home from the conference. She provided information about her health and lifestyle to help the experts at GenoPalate know more about her body's needs.

Shortly after signing up, Emily’s testing kit was delivered right to her door. Following the instructions within the kit, Emily shipped off a simple saliva sample to GenoPalate’s laboratory. With the saliva Emily provided, the GenoPalate analysts team had all they needed to start decoding Emily’s DNA!

Within four weeks from the day Emily signed up for Genopalate, she got the news that her personal nutrition report was ready. She excitedly opened her report and was fascinated by the information that awaited her. Emily discovered characteristics of her metabolic genotype that she had previously caught glimpses of only through lengthy hit-and-miss expeditions consisting of a variety of diets and food elimination schemes. Her gut instincts about her body's nutritional needs were confirmed by her test. Yet Emily also learned truths that only GenoPalate’s precise technologies could uncover: her body required a diet that was low in saturated fat; she was in fact lactose intolerant, which explained why she felt such a shift in her health when she switched to a dairy-free diet.

In addition to learning about the specific genetic traits that shape her body's unique nutritional needs, Emily also found applicable information about nutrition and dietary recommendations within her report. Not only did Emily now know what to avoid, but she also now had a roadmap to expanding on the foods that she could include on her plate. The team at GenoPalate was able to use the information provided in her genomic profile--along with her lifestyle preferences as a vegan--to create a food map that would meet both her biological needs and ethical beliefs.

Emily found support within the GenoPalate community and is grateful for their dedication to helping clients transform their health through mindful eating.

Yi Zhang